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Women beware: Ramen Noodles linked to heart disease

By Alyssa Sellors     Aug 22, 2014 in Health
Cheap and easy. As Americans, these are perfect ways to describe our dining habits at times, but who knew the risk to our health would far outweigh the risk to our wallets when it comes to heating up a bowl of instant noodles?
The popular college dorm, late night, cheap meal Ramen Noodles has recently been found to pose serious health risks to women in particular. Of course the popular noodle product has never marketed itself as a “health food” but according to Yahoo! News , these noodles have been linked to serious health issues such as a “greater risk of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and high cholesterol.”
The study, published in the [i]Journal of Nutrition[i] and conducted by researchers at Harvard University, was based on 10,711 adults (over half of whom were women) in the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Researchers found a surprising 68 percent higher risk for metabolic syndrome among women who ate the noodles at least twice per week, but interestingly, there was no effect of this condition among the male participants. This particular syndrome includes a group of conditions that raises the risk of both diabetes and heart disease, which raises a red flag for women and their health. Another source reports an increased risk of obesity and clogged heart arteries as well.
While the sodium content alone is startling at 90 percent of the recommended daily sodium intake, people will of course still purchase and consume the instant noodles, and apparently as long as you’re limiting intake to once a month, you may be okay to continue enjoying your Ramen Noodles. Does this mean a warning on the package or anything similar in the future? Probably not.
But this study does not just affect Americans and our health, and Americans aren’t the only ones consuming this instant dish. South Koreans actually “eat more instant noodles per-capita than anyone in the world,” reports the Portland Press Herald. Noodles are a part of their culture, eaten definitely more than twice a week. So what does this mean for them? Nothing if you ask the majority of South Koreans who have reacted to this study with “wounded pride, mild guilt, stubborn resistance, even nationalism.” Of course the study has its flaws, but it does raise some good points about moderation when it comes to instant, pre-packaged, processed foods and their effect on our overall health. So the next time you reach for an 80 cent package of instant noodles, think twice, especially if you’re a woman.
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