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article imageUndergraduate loses eyes after leaving contacts in for six months

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 11, 2014 in Health
An Acanthamoeba had the perfect conditions in which to grow since Lian Kao, 23, had left her contacts in for six months straight. Her eyes were eaten away due to this.
She had not even removed them when she was swimming according to a report from the Daily Mail. This extended period of use allowed for an unexpected infection.
Eyes are, in many ways, an excellent breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms. They are warm and moist which are the only things most bacteria need. If you have any symptoms of pain, redness or drainage you should have your own looked at as well. It could be something as simple as pink eye or something as troublesome as cataracts. Your chances of getting the same infection as Kao are very slim.
The Acanthamoeba itself can actually cause some dangerous infections but usually only within patients who have a damaged immune system or ample opportunity for the creature to grow. This case falls in the second variety.
The lenses themselves can also cause damage if put in improperly but this is rare. With proper care contacts can be a useful part of someone's life. Doctors urge contact users to remove and clean their lenses regularly.
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