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article imageStudy: Green tea blocks effects of blood pressure medication

By E. Hector Corsi     Jan 14, 2014 in Health
A new study warns that drinking green tea can block the effects of the blood pressure medication nadolol. Patients drinking green tea had a significantly blunted response to the blood pressure lowering effects of the drug.
A study on the effects of green tea on nadolol, a drug used to lower blood pressure, was conducted by Japanese researchers S. Misaka and colleagues.
Ten healthy volunteers drank green tea (700 mL) or water daily for two weeks. Then each volunteer received one 30 mg dose of nadolol with green tea or with water. Those who drank the green tea with their medication had "greatly" reduced plasma concentrations of the drug.
"The effects of naldolol on systolic blood pressure were significantly reduced by green tea."
Researchers discovered that green tea blocks the uptake of the drug in the intestine. The study was published in the journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
But other research also shows that long term green tea use can significantly reduce the risk of developing hypertension. A recent review also highlights the anti-hypertensive effects of green tea.
If you use naldolol and green tea, you should speak to your doctor about these interactions.
Naldolol is a β-blocker, and this study raises the possibility that green tea might interfere with other β-blockers too by various mechanisms.
Although green tea might protect against hypertension, and is much safer than drugs, medical guidance is required before you stop or change any medication.
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