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article imageStudy: Allspice kills prostate cancer cells

By E. Hector Corsi     Dec 27, 2013 in Health
Allspice, from the dried, unripe berry of Pimenta dioca, has several compounds that can fight prostate and breast cancer.
Bal L. Lokeshwar, PhD, Nagarajarao Shamaladevi, and colleagues from the Department of Urology at University of Miami, gave mice with implanted prostate cancer cells an aqueous allspice extract. Allspice extract, administered either orally or by injection, slowed the growth of prostate cancer tumors by 55 percent, and showed no systemic toxicity. Cancerous tissues from mice treated with allspice extract were shown to have increased apoptosis, meaning the cancer cells self-destructed. The research team also showed that the extract inhibits tumor cell proliferation and kills prostate cancer cells in the “test tube”. The active bioactive compound of the extract was shown to be Ericifolin (eugenol 5-O-β-(6′-galloylglucopyranoside). Ericifolin’s anti-cancer effects are also due to its actions against the androgen receptor (AR), which is found in prostatic tissue. The androgen receptor has an important role in prostate cancer development and progression. Silencing of AR signaling is important in treating prostate cancer. This study was published in the journal Carcinogenesis.
Lei Zhang, a member of Lokehswar’s team, also showed that another compound of the aqueous allspice extract blocks the growth of breast cancer cells.
Lokeshwar received $1.5 million from the NIH to test Ericifolin’s anti-cancer effects, and also hopes to start a clinical trial that would examine the compound’s effects in early-stage prostate cancer patients.
Allspice contains several compounds that can fight cancer, and is non-toxic, making it a potentially useful natural weapon against several types of cancer.
Dr. Lokeshwar states:
“That is not to say that people should start eating allspice with every meal, but there exists the potential that the slow and steady consumption of this chemo-dietary agent may slow or even prevent prostate cancer.”
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