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Some well-known human traits are now linked to creativity

By Milton Este     Jul 16, 2014 in Health
Creativity is something that has always fascinated humanity — now scientists in those fields that typically deal with creativity have discovered a whole range of human traits which they believe indicate creativity in human beings.
Some of these findings are a little curious and some of the things under discussion could surprise people because they are not the things which are typically associated with creativity. Although creativity is still a largely uncertain science, there are now some things scientists feel could be associated with creativity. One human trait scoring at the top level in relation to creativity is mental illness. Since the early 70s many studies have been done on this subject and mental illness have been linked to several other disorders including schizophrenia and manic depression. However popular opinions go back thousands of years too long before research into these conditions were a possibility and apparently even Aristotle was quoted as saying that no great mind ever existed without a touch of madness.
Scientists generally agree that of all possible links to creativity, it will be the most difficult to write off mental illness. History contains substantial evidence that most of history’s most notable artists were plagued by rather severe mood disorders and among them were Michelangelo and Ernest Hemingway. Some of the research into creativity was performed at the Karolinska Institute where as many as 1 million creative people were tested. Check PakWired for more information.
Researchers at the institute discovered some remarkable things and they have concluded that writers are two times as likely to commit suicide. Bipolar disorder is often found among dancers and photographers. Another very strong indication of creativity is the tendency to display arrogance. Another study conducted at the University of North Carolina discovered that those people who most regularly take part in various kinds of creative activities were not very humble or honest.
However on the positive side, creativity was not linked to anger or a tendency to distance oneself from others. When one observes these two findings there seems to be a contradiction in them, but this could be explained by the behavior of many artists who need to be creative and will require substantial amounts of imagination in order to bring their acts before the public. They will still require the support of many others in order to actually make a success of such performances, however, and that’s why they will need both attributes.
It would seem that those who are most creative will also be more prone to take chances and to bend the accepted rules of conduct, they will also not shrink back from cheating when taking a specific test. According to these research results such creative people were not devious on purpose but they simply have a special way in which to stumble upon methods in which to navigate through difficult situations. In another study it has been found that walking has a very positive effect on the creative mind and it could substantially stimulate creativity in people.
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