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article imageMovember prostate health: Tomatoes, maca make cancer less likely

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 10, 2014 in Health
Nothing like finding an expert to help you find easy ways to increase your likelihood of remaining healthy. For men who want to lower their chances of prostate cancer, in honor of 'Movember', nutritionist Manuel Villacorta blogged today about just that.
Prostate and men's health
Dietician Villacorta, founder of the healthy eating website Eating Free, notes Movember is the combination of 'November' and 'mustache' and intended to be a month in which mustaches are grown in support of men's health,
A healthy prostate is naturally an important component of a healthy male. In Canada it is estimated that 40,000 men will die in 2014 from cancer (the number for women is about 36,000) and of those deaths, for men about 10 percent, 4,000 of them, will be from prostate cancer. In the U.S. almost 30,000 men will die in 2014 from prostate cancer.
So yeah, a healthy prostate is a healthy choice and Villacorta says that while these two foods, maca and tomatoes, won't ensure you, or your loved one, won't get prostate cancer, studies have shown they will dramatically cut down the chances that you will.
Maca and tomatoes keep prostate healthy
Everyone knows about tomatoes but not everyone knows how helpful they can be in promoting prostate health:
"Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene," Villacorta writes in his blog. "Research has found that lycopene-rich foods can help suppress carcinogens, slow cancer cell growth, and reduce cell damage. Men who have lycopene-rich diets tend to have lower risks of prostate cancer."
He notes that tomatoes are even more effective in maintained a healthy prostate when cooked so tomato sauces and canned tomatoes are recommended, too.
Maca root is more often used in powder form: "Maca has been shown to protect the body against prostate cancer because of its high levels of glucosinolates, a compound known to contain anticancer properties," the nutritionist writes. "Interestingly enough, maca contains higher levels of glucosinolates than its cruciferous cousins (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts), which are more commonly known to aid in the prevention of certain cancers."
Incidentally, maca is not only helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy prostate but it is good for energy, for increasing sperm count and, bingo!, it increases your libido. So healthy eating, healthy prostate and happy life.
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