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article imageResveratrol no longer famed source of health benefits in wine?

By Alyssa Sellors     May 22, 2014 in Health
There’s nothing like sipping a nice glass of wine or a indulging in a decadent piece of dark chocolate, and enjoying it much more knowing you are drinking and eating to your health. But what is it that makes these substances so healthy for us?
For years red wine and dark chocolate have been touted as healthy and indulgent super foods, with resveratrol getting all of the credit for the outstanding health benefits. Yet, despite giving us more reason and less guilt to enjoy the occasional drink or square of dark chocolate, the science behind these health benefits may be skewed.
According to a recent study published in The Washington Post, resveratrol may not be what makes red wine and dark chocolate so good for us. The study, published online in JAMA Internal Medicine, looked at data from 783 men and women, ranging in age from 65 and older. Data was collected via urine samples that measured the amount of resveratrol metabolized by their bodies. What the study found was that those who consumed the most resveratrol were as likely to develop cardiovascular disease or cancer as others who consumed the least. Of course this study has its flaws, only looking at the older population, and only looking at these particular food sources, but it does point to possible evidence that perhaps there are other sources.
The New York Times also reported on these findings in a blog posting entitled, “Wine Ingredient May Have Few Health Benefits” where Dr. Richard D. Semba of Johns Hopkins responds, “Resveratrol levels as achieved by diet alone is not associated with any protective effect,” yet “there are supplementation trials, but those results are inconclusive.” So it seems that other lifestyle factors impact our overall health and resveratrol may not necessarily be the wonder substance we’d hoped it’d be.
But what about all of the health benefits that have been proven, like reduced risk of heart attack or lower risks of certain types of cancer? There is medical research behind these findings so this new study does not negate those effects, but the point is that the source of these benefits may be the mystery in it all. Bottom line, enjoy wine and dark chocolate in moderation, and if anything, the enjoyment of consuming wine and chocolate may even have a more beneficial effect on your health even more than the actual ingredients.
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