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article imageResearch: Filtered coffee is more healthy for you

By Tim Sandle     Apr 27, 2020 in Health
There are different formats of coffee available, bit which is the healthiest? New research has an answer, and this is of interest during the time when more people will be drinking more coffee during the lockdown.
The new research assesses coffee brewing methods and heart health, with filtered coffee coming out as the healthiest option.
The reason for why filtered coffee is regarded as ‘healthier’ is because this brewing method has a low association with heart attack and death. This is in relation to unfiltered coffee containing substances which can increase blood cholesterol. The substances can be removed through the use of a filter. The data revealed that filtering coffee removes up to 30 times the concentration of the lipid-raising substances compared with an equivalent unfiltered mug of coffee.
Data was drawn from a global study, which ran for 20 years and which surveyed the beverage drinking habits of half-a-million participants. As well as assessing a person’s preferred beverage, the health status of each person was collected and correlated with coffee drinking habits.
The main findings were:
Filtered coffee was linked to a 15 percent reduced risk of death from any risk when compared to drinking no coffee at all.
Drinking filtered coffee showed a 12 percent decreased risk of death in men and a 20 percent lowered risk of death in women when compared to no coffee consumption
The examination of coffee study has been published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology. The research paper is titled “Coffee consumption and mortality from cardiovascular diseases and total mortality: Does the brewing method matter?.”
In related research, a different study has found that consuming sweet food while drinking drink coffee makes the food taste even sweeter. According to Aarhus University food technologists, this partly explains why foods like dark chocolate pair so well with coffee consumption.
The research is based on 156 test participants who each had their sense of smell and taste examined before and after drinking coffee. While there was no alternation to the sense of smell, the sense of taste was altered, and this moved to a greater sensation of tasting sweetness.
The research is published in the journal Foods. The research is titled “Chemosensory Sensitivity after Coffee Consumption Is Not Static: Short-Term Effects on Gustatory and Olfactory Sensitivity.”
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