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article imageQ&A: Air purifier can remove coronavirus from the air Special

By Tim Sandle     Oct 26, 2020 in Health
A commercially-available air purifier has been found to remove coronavirus from the air by an independent research study run by the University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering.
The device is the NuWave OxyPure and, according to the manufacturer, it reduces 99.999 percent of viral concentration within six hours. The objective is to provide users with the ability to "essentially create a virus-free space."
The device uses a combination of technologies to achieve this level of viral inactivation: It can ionize particles and it deploys a high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) air filter together with activated carbon filter, which prevents particles from moving through the filter matrix (through a mix of impaction, inertia and diffusion processes).
To learn more, Digital Journal spoke with James K Moon, General Manager of Business Strategy & Development, NuWave.
Digital Journal: What are the airborne risks from SARS-CoV-2?
James K Moon: While SARS-CoV-2 seems to be spread from one person to another primarily through close contact, we do see evidence that the virus can remain airborne for long periods of time and can travel further through the air than we first believed, sometimes well beyond the six-foot [2 metre] social distancing standards.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, air filtration is an important part of an overall strategy to reduce airborne transmission that also includes increased outdoor ventilation, surface cleaning and disinfecting, handwashing, masking, and social distancing.
DJ: What types of filters does the device use?
Moon: OxyPure Air Purifier is designed to capture 100 percent of microscopic airborne particles as small as 0.09 microns and features a five-stage filter system:
The system’s 18/8 Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter collects large particles from the air
The Ozone Emission Removal Filter removes dangerous ozone to less than 1 part per billion, 70 times less than the EPA’s household standards.
A two-stage HEPA and Carbon Filter works to collect pollen, allergens, pet dander, VOCs, odors, and smoke.
The Bio-Guard™ Filter removes fine particles as small as 0.09 microns from flowing air by using the force of an induced electrostatic charge. The Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter, Bio-Guard Filter and Ozone Removal are all washable and reusable for 20 years, eliminating the biggest drawback of air purifier maintenance: high filter cost.
DJ: Does the device use any other anti-viral technology?
Moon:The OxyPure’s Bio-Guard Filter has been tested and verified to remove up to 99.96 percent of airborne viruses within two hours of detection. The OxyPure’s five-stage filtration system captures and removes over 99.96 percent of airborne viruses, such as H3N2, within one hour and 99.99 percent of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus spp., within two hours of detection. In a study performed by the University of Minnesota using porcine respiratory coronavirus, the OxyPure has been calculated to remove 98.24 percent of airborne coronavirus on the first pass and 99.999% of airborne coronavirus within six hours.
DJ: How many devices are required for the typical home or office, and how is the assessed?
Moon:That depends on the size of the home or office that you are looking to keep clean. The OxyPure is ideal for purifying the air in rooms up to 1,200 sq ft in size. Unlike traditional air purifiers that have a single façade air intake, the OxyPure features a 360° air intake, so no matter where you place it in your room, it will pull in air for purification from all sides. It is also extremely mobile with its ergonomic embedded handles and wheels for easy movement between rooms.
DJ: What other pathogens or allergens can the device eliminate from the air?
Moon:The OxyPure can eliminate lead, pollen, pet dander, dust and dust mites, tobacco smoke, pathogens, mold spores and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene, nitrogen dioxides from stoves and car exhausts, and even fumes from cleaning products.
DJ: How long did it take to develop the device and what were the complications?
Moon:The NuWave OxyPure was in development for roughly two years before being introduced to the public. Many engineering and design choices were made to offer the best combination of air purifying power, features and capabilities, and ease-of-use while minimizing costs. The OxyPure underwent independent testing by world-renowned Intertek Labs and the University of Minnesota to verify its efficiency in eliminating a number of different air pollutants, bacteria and viruses.
DJ: What types of maintenance does the device require?
Moon:Each of the OxyPure’s filters are removable. The Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter, Bio-Guard Filter and Ozone Removal Filter are all easy to clean and have a lifespan of up to 20 years. The two-stage HEPA and Carbon Filter has a lifespan of up to one year. Up to five HEPA/Carbon Filters are included with most OxyPure purchases to help
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