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article imageOp-Ed: Pandemic — No US hospital equipment, no hard stats, it's pathetic

By Paul Wallis     Mar 13, 2020 in Health
Washington - How could it possibly be a revelation to a dead rock that US hospitals are severely under-equipped and unprepared for this pandemic? Well, it is.
After decades of health sector molestation, politics and the babbling, statistics-lazy, asset-destroying panic industry formerly referred to as “serious journalism” are suddenly all over it. ICUs, ventilators and protective gear are seriously lacking in the United States. The truly lousy state of US health sector preparedness is quite enough to panic about. You don't even really need a pandemic. This information alone would do nicely.
Well, gosh. All these years of chronic mismanagement and under-resourcing of the entire public health infrastructure aren’t as brilliant as we thought they were? Gee, wouldn’t that make you want a psychotic pile of criminal loser gerbil faeces to be running things? Even better, you could have terminally irresponsible skank global media destroying people’s capital while terrifying them as well! You geniuses, you.
OK, so I’m a serial optimist.
According to The New York Times:
• There are 160,000 ventilators in the United States. That’s about .02 of a ventilator per person.
• There are about 45,000 ICU units.
• The Spanish flu would have required 740,000 ventilators.
• There are 925,000 staffed hospital beds. Only about 10% of this number are suitable for seriously ill patients.
• The CDC has produced four scenarios for the effect of coronavirus in the US.
• The CDC models predict that 2-21 million people may require hospitalization. (These are worst case scenarios)
Meanwhile, back in the clueless cluster factory
Hospitalization for coronavirus is happening at unknown rates in the US. Hard stats are just missing. That’s another stat which has vanished off the radar in the haze of Chicken Little-like “information” which the media has so far condescended to go looking for. It’s unclear if anything so basic is even being tracked or has had time to set up tracking.
Trump has grabbed the headlines with his declaration of a national emergency, after spending the last week or so saying it wasn’t going to be a problem. His budget has gone from a few billion to $75 billion. Trump also disbanded a part of the CDC which was assigned to work on pandemic prevention. Trump’s other dazzling insights into how to manage a pandemic cast some doubt on his currency of information over this time.
China has cleaned up its issues in two months. The quarantine and other measures worked. The West is devastating itself with non-information, crippling private assets, providing no clear stats, and simply making spin about useless urban myths as “cures for coronavirus. It’s like the Middle Ages.
Those are the “headlines”. From fake news to guesswork. What an improvement. Apparently nothing else is happening on planet Earth, and if it is, you have absolutely no chance of finding out what it is.
(Serious journalism, you say? When? Where? How? Do we have a date? Formal wear, or will you be wearing your usual fire hydrants?)
Nor, of course, is there any hard information about what’s being done about any of these things on the macro level. What possible use is all this sententious media blather? You’ve done more damage than the GFC with this panic attack on the markets alone. If it’s not hard information, it has no right to be called news. Try that. You’ve tried absolutely nothing so far, and it hasn’t worked.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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