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article imageOp-Ed: Fisetin — Finally, an idiot-proof general health compound?

By Paul Wallis     Oct 4, 2018 in Health
Sydney - The anti-aging idea has been rattling along merrily, (and obscenely faddishly), for years. Research shows that Fisetin, which does critical work in counteracting aging, can also counter causes of serious medical conditions.
This is an unusual research scenario, to say the least. It seems that a lot of research over the years has turned up Fisetin as a consistent and highly effective anti-aging, anti-inflammatory agent. That is a very big deal indeed.
The dots have now been joined by new research, and the result is finding a possible all-round option for managing a virtual encyclopedia of medical issues.
Fisetin is a compound found in many vegetables which assists the body in removing dysfunctional cells, and, critically, reducing chronic inflammation as well in the process This is a very consistently observed process confirmed in a virtual rash of medical publications over recent years related to studies of melanoma.
Fisetin is cited in many studies and even the US National Library of Medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent for anti-metastatic management studies. Taking this one step further, new studies have shown that Fisetin’s highly effective removal of senescent (old and dysfunctional, “senile”) cells also removes the causes of inflammation associated with a virtual database of chronic medical conditions. This is the “better cell management” attributed to Fisetin.
To explain:
Fisetin acts to reboot the normal processes of removal of dangerous senescent cells which, being basically dysfunctional, are gateways for onset of serious pathologies. These cells can’t work properly. If still in place, they are vulnerable, and create vulnerabilities, to high risk conditions healthy cells could manage.
Both the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory actions of Fisetin seem to confirm one of the prevailing darling theories of anti-aging. It’s long been held that aging is a matter of dysfunction, not just an inevitable “natural” process. The problems created by accumulations of cellular dysfunction and accumulation of senescent cells are well documents, (some might say obsessively well documented) and the related pathologies of inefficient body functions are equally well known.
It’s a virtual no-brainer, until now: Defective cells can’t function properly, and they’re present in so many conditions they must play a role in medical conditions. The obvious question was simple enough too; what to do about it? Fisetin may well have delivered a major, proven working functional solution. The degree of consistency in very diverse research findings is building up quite a strong level of credibility.
Too good to be true? Probably not, this time
Fisetin turns out to be a pretty simple compound. The molecular structure is about as complex as a LEGO brick. That simplicity may be one of the reasons it’s so effective, in fact. It’s a phenol compound containing a lot of the usual straightforward phenol class hydroxyl chemical components which are already well known as anti-oxidants, anti-allergens, anti-inflammatory, and preventative agents for disease.
The difference with Fisetin is that it’s now identified as an all-purpose agent for managing these conditions. It’s present in a wide bandwidth of plants, from strawberries to cucumbers, wine, and onions.
Ironically, given the usual pathos of the Western diet and “cures”:
1. You could probably counteract at least some of the horrors of our fructose-ridden chronic public health issues with a simple meal.
2. Giving up on the other “dietary pollutants”, and taking something like Fisetin which can undo the damage makes good dietary sense.
3. So-called Nutraceuticals (it’s always been a hideous buzzword) have been around for years in many forms, some pretty garish, but this one apparently works.
4. Fisetin simply doesn’t have to be part of the Big Pharma commercial psychosis. It’s freely available and easy to produce in commercial quantities at a reasonable price, even at this stage of development.
5. Fisetin is already on the market. It’s not particularly cheap, but it’s available. With a certain level of poetic justice, the usual idiotic hype turns out to be at least partly right, for a change.
6. There’s no way of knowing whether existing commercially available Fisetin is up to scratch in context with the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory capabilities discovered in the new research. The Fisetin on the market predates the new research, and may or may not be the right method of application in different conditions.
Don’t be too surprised to see major hype and evangelism on the subject of a new “miracle cure” for aging and if the advertising stays true to form, everything else as well. These will be the same products, repackaged and redesignated to reflect the new discoveries, but….
Fisetin can probably be developed further, to deliver a specific treatment as wells as a general health and preventative agent. It makes sense that something like Fisetin, which is non-invasive and non-toxic can be used to clear out accumulated areas of critical cellular dysfunction in a vast range of applications. If it can be targeted, it could be a good all-purpose problem solver for treatments and health management. (Maybe even liver, lung, and pancreatic damage? There are some real possibilities here.)
This simple option for treatment would be to make Fisetin part of a “strictly best practice” management routine. It’s safe, it’s economic, and it’s a simple method of dealing with one of the most common train wrecks of aging.
Most doctors would also probably agree that a purely dietary, safe approach to managing age-related diseases is likely to be safer and far more effective than the usual half-ass high maintenance chemical raffle Big Pharma insists on delivering to sick people. Targeted applications may require some tweaking, but probably through simple metabolic avenues which don’t involve massive costs to patients, too.
This time, the code of managing cellular senescence, inflammations, and cellular dysfunction seems to have been well and truly cracked. If it’s as good and useful as so much research indicates, it should also be idiot-proof in the market.
Fisetin simply can’t be turned in to another inaccessible, overpriced drug. It’s a food. It’s instantly available everywhere on Earth, although exactly how effective the dietary forms are needs to be researched, too. Maybe the dreams of researchers, and the people actually trying to find real health solutions will come true, for a change? Let’s hope so.
Well? If you are  it s no thanks to these bastards.
Well? If you are, it's no thanks to these bastards.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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