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article imageOp-Ed: COVID-19 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome — Get worried, now

By Paul Wallis     Jun 9, 2020 in Health
New York - Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome is a COVID-19 related condition. It affects young people and healthy adults, and it’s spreading. The problem is that it causes heart attacks in people who don’t have heart conditions.
This is an emerging condition, and there’s no good news about it so far except people with MIS have been effectively treated. The condition was noticed from the start of the pandemic. It was known to affect children and called MIS-C, specifically referring to children, but it seems to be much more of a threat than previously assessed. It’s now been positively identified as affecting adolescents.
The only non-viral pathology clue at the moment is the presence of a protein called troponin, which indicates a heart attack, but it’s after the event. The presence of this protein is the smoking gun for MIS.
Symptoms are said to be similar to MIS-C, with low blood pressure, fevers, aches, and pains. “Chest pressure” or chest pains are obviously major indicators. The good news is that just about all inflammatory conditions can be treated effectively and quickly.
The bottom line – if you’ve had or been exposed to COVID-19 and are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Stop reading and call someone, right now.
COVID-19 has been a known risk factor for people with heart conditions since day one in China. The problem is that MIS also seems to have an affinity for heart tissues, causing inflammation, with potentially serious risks.
Cases in New York have spiked, with 200 known cases now on record. Worldwide, it’s not a major problem yet, but it has experts and governments worried enough to start funding studies of it.
COVID-19 Daily new cases
COVID-19 Daily new cases
Who’s affected? Healthy adolescents and younger adults up to 40
The instant and obvious definition of a serious infectious risk is anything able to target vital organs. Viruses are usually omnivorous. They invade cells where possible. It may be that genetic materials in the heart promote rapid replication of the virus, and therefore a massive immune system response, i.e.. inflammation on a dangerous level.
Children and adolescents have varying degrees of immune responses. The common theory is that immature immune systems don’t know how to react to infections, and go off the rails sometimes, overdoing the response. These overreactions are similar to allergies, which can be very dangerous.
Adults, too, may respond with severe inflammation. It’s the same response, and equally dangerous if not treated ASAP. These reactions may occur in people with no indications of prior heart problems.
Heart tissue inflammation can be fatal almost instantly. Matters are not helped by the fact that adolescents typically aren’t considered to be at risk of heart problems, so even recognizing the potential risk may take too long to respond.
Let’s just hope this condition stays as rare as it is currently. A big outbreak would make the previous pandemic look tame indeed. All patients would require hospitalization, putting huge strains on the health systems of the world.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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