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article imageOp-Ed: Cannabis OK for sperm count, says Harvard

By Paul Wallis     Feb 6, 2019 in Health
The endless Puritanism on the subject of cannabis, a stimulant for thousands of years, has produced some fascinating, always negative, findings. It’s a study in “hoe research”. Recent medical research out of Harvard shows signs of a new trend.
The Harvard findings were specifically focused on sperm. Many recent publications have stated that cannabis is bad for sperm and sperm counts. The Harvard research states the exact opposite.
The study found:
• Cannabis users actually had higher sperm counts than non-users about 30% higher, in fact.
• The pattern of higher sperm counts remained constant.
• Users were less likely to have unhealthy sperm.
• The negative findings weren’t based on human tests, but on animals. You don’t see many animals roaming around with bongs.
• Cannabis use was related to higher testosterone counts, obviously impacting sperm production and sperm counts.
The study was conducted using 600 samples collected over the period 2010-17 (This factors in long term usage. The study notes, rather modestly, that it makes the point that cannabis and cases of male infertility are not related.
Cannabis use worldwide
Cannabis use worldwide
John SAEKI, Laurence CHU, AFP
"Coverage" of cannabis research
A lot of alleged coverage of this type of research uses a type of balanced journalism which really flies in the face of so much evidence. Findings like these, which seem pretty unequivocal, are then given caveats like “more research may indicate otherwise” or that “heavy usage may cause different findings”, etc.
This is typical spineless coverage of any issues where vested interests are involved. It’s the same pseudo-morality which makes sex, a human survival necessity, a “sin”. It’s also the usual groveling to something which is just plain wrong, which is one of the reasons this world is such a repulsive place today.
OK, here’s a little historical “research” aka common knowledge, regarding cannabis and fertility:
1. Cannabis has been in use for thousands of years, and legal everywhere for most of those millennia. Only in the 20th century did someone decide there were any problems.
2. No hard evidence of past fertility issues exists. Human fertility, in fact, seems to have been rattling along nicely for all those thousands of years, regardless of lack of clinical trials.
3. Why target cannabis, when alcohol is a known destroyer of sperm, libido, and the rest of the human system? Where’s the rationale?
“Balanced” journalism does NOT mean giving space to specious, made-up, irresponsible, highly biased, mercenary garbage. Facts have priority over BS. Cannabis is one of the most common subjects for this imbalance, which is not applied to any negative findings. There’s never suggestion of anything wrong with anti-cannabis research. Nor are there too many suggestions of sycophantic scumbags being less than competent journalists.
…So how do these findings affect cannabis legislation and consumers?
Also typically, at a time when the medical and health benefits of cannabis are surging through publication around the world, this research simply contradicts the negatives. It’s not like the world’s idiot legislators and pathetic spin doctors will pay attention. Meanwhile. WHO is recommending legalization of cannabis for medical use, and many other changes are happening while the Titanic of negatives slips under the waves.
The main difference is that these fruit flies of human history have probably heard of Harvard. It’s bigger and more credible than they are, so it’s a lot harder to challenge. Nevertheless, good work, and very timely.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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