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article imageOp-Ed: America vs toxic food — Catastrophe in progress

By Paul Wallis     Aug 26, 2019 in Health
New York - 100 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes or actual diabetes. Consider the cost and misery this will cause. Cardio is worse. Now consider that the whole situation is also totally avoidable.
This is a true catastrophe, and it’s not getting any better. In fact, it’s getting arguably even worse over time thanks to imbecile health policies and truly grotesque food standards.
An article in The New York Times covers the issues in meaningful depth. As the United States health sector falls to bits under an incredible strain and insane costs, this issue should be front and centre of any future policy moves. (Read that article. It’ll give you more information than has been provided in decades, in one place.)
Think about it – 100 million people with a condition which is debilitating for decades. People can “live with” diabetes, but try finding anyone who thinks it’s fun. Try finding specialists, GPs and health workers who don’t have enough on their professional plates without this totally negative situation added to the mix.
Diabetes is a dietary-based condition. Toxic “foods” damage the body’s ability to manage sugar levels. The rest is medical history for millions of people. It’s a totally avoidable disaster.
That’s not all, folks. Cardiovascular disease is another murderous condition which is said to kill 840,000 people per year in the US, or the equivalent of 18 or so Vietnam Wars, annually.
Health sector? What health sector?
The “health” sector, in its state of constant meltdown, is perhaps in even worse shape than the people it’s supposed to be treating. “The West”, that absurdity with egos and shrivelled intellects to match, has effectively dismantled the health sector worldwide. It has no hope of doing what it’s supposed to do, with or without the various added costs, megalomanias, and similar additives through corporate and political irresponsibility over the last few decades.
The sheer cost of managing virtually any health condition is now so absurd that it’s the primary cause of bankruptcy in the US. The rest of the world isn’t that much better, although public health systems elsewhere do better.
Thanks to the sheer imbecility of ideologies slash pig ignorance and some weird belief that health care and half-ass accountancy are the same thing, this has happened. Do governments know why health is so important? Looks very like they don’t.
100 million people
Diabetes is perhaps the most effective example of everything that’s wrong with the whole toxic food situation. Lousy diets with lots of sugar are a template for diabetes.
Now let’s look at costs. There’s way too much to see. That 100 million people figure comes from the CDC as at 2017. The costs of treatment in the US are estimated as $237 billion per year in 2017, rising from $116 billion in 2002. The exact cost of the human misery hasn’t yet been calculated, but it’s likely to be a lot higher in real life terms. Things you can’t do, for example.
Diabetes is one of the most horrible conditions. It doesn’t let up. Nobody who’s ever had it in the family (I have) will ever have a good word to say about it. Think of living your life carrying a fridge on your back 24/7, and you’ll understand how it intrudes into everyday life.
...And it’s all preventable. Get that toxic crap off the shelves and make sure it stays off them. Nobody “needs” high fructose, high calorie crap, high fat or any of the other garbage. They’re not really foods, to start with, just toxins.
Ironically, you can save a lot of money by NOT processing foods to that extent. Don’t use fillers, also non-foods, and you can save space in packaging and improve your production costs. If you must use fillers, use safe ones, like lecithin, which at least has nutritional value.
Research any major health condition and you’ll find a fully functional disaster in progress. Governments have lost the plot entirely. The overall health sector management mindset is deranged at best. Cretinous things like Goldman Sachs have been so helpful as to point out that healing people is bad for business, and politicians, (not the top of the IQ tree) have swallowed it.
In the production chain, hormones, antibiotics and murderous pesticides are adding spice to this fecal festival of fun now being inaccurately described as food. There’s a lot to do to fix the damage to the food chain, and if it doesn’t happen, things are likely to get a lot uglier.
Just one more thing, buttercups of business – What’s the prognosis for a very sick country full of meds and toxic waste pretending to be food? Interesting question, and if you’re not careful, you’ll get an answer.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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