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article imageNew novel throws spotlight on hidden world of male infertility Special

By Peter Ward     Apr 28, 2014 in Health
In our confessional culture where we talk about everything there is one thing that men almost never talk about — infertility — but a new novel out this month may change this.
My Little Soldiers by Glenn Barden, released by Piranha Press, is the story of a man, his dysfunctional sperm and his attempts to make a baby.
It is a moving and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny story of the struggle to conceive, told from the man’s point of view.
Author, Glenn Barden says it was partially inspired by his own experiences of IVF.
“When my wife and I were trying to make a baby I am ashamed to admit that in the doctor's office waiting for him to announce our fertility test results I was praying that my sperm would not be judged to be at fault and that my wife would have ‘the problem’,” he says. “So when he announced my wife had Polycystic Ovaries I almost jumped for joy. I don't know how I would have coped if my virility had been judged to be faulty. Imagining what it would be like for a man to be told their sperm was useless was the starting point of the story.’
In My Little Soldiers, Mike, a man who has always been a hit with the ladies, has to reassess his life and what it means to be a man when he discovers he has an abnormal sperm count.
With and an eye for comic detail and a flawed central male character, Barden's debut novel brings to mind the writings of Jonathan Tropper.
“Almost 8 million couples in America suffer from infertility, in approximately a third of them the problem will lie with the man, but if you surf the net and visit forums you’d think it was all the woman’s fault. You rarely read a man talking about his problems with his sperm, it’s just too shaming,” says 42-year-old Barden, from London, England.
Hopefully Barden’s novel can start to correct this imbalance.
My Little Soldiers by Glenn Barden is available now on Amazon.
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