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article imageKFC pours on the salt while other restaurants cut down on sodium

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 2, 2014 in Health
In an era when many businesses are cutting back to embrace the health food trend Kentucky Fried Chicken is putting more salt than ever before on their offerings.
A study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest claims that KFC is adding more salt to meals despite pressure to remove it. You can read that study here. According to the numbers 79% of meals studied contained over 1,500 milligrams of sodium, equal to or over the value you would need for three days.
Sodium is, in many ways, an essential element of life. It's a part of our blood and everyone needs some of it from week to week. Too much of it can lead to cardiovascular problems and hypertension in many cases studied by Harvard. Consuming it in moderate amounts is perfectly healthy but taking in enough for three days in one meal is more than a bit excessive.
This stands out because recent research showed that many companies such as McDonald's had been secretly cutting down on sodium. They slowly but reliably cut down on the amounts over time. Many restaurants did this in response to a trend of healthy eating and environmental responsibility that swept parts of the world.
We can only venture a guess at why KFC would do this but it seems like there is one scientifically sound one. We are all wired to consume fat and sugar. It tastes good to us and on some instinctual level gives a small thrill to our body. While no one can say for sure it naturally seems that increasing the salt levels while competitors are dropping them could give the company a marked advantage with some customers.
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