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article imageIsis plans clinical trials for Huntington's Disease treatment

By Kevin Jess     Oct 3, 2014 in Health
Carlsbad - Of all the neurodenerative diseases known to mankind, Huntington's Disease is certainly the most relentless. No cure or treatment is available, however, if Isis Pharmaceuticals has its way, that may be history.
In a recent interview between Gene Veritas, a Huntington's Disease activist, and Isis Pharmaceuticals at their company headquarters in Carlsbad, California, the company revealed plans for Phase 1 trials of the antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) ISIS-HTTRx. According to a company press release, the small biotechnology company in California believes their gene-silencing approach could mean treatments for the thousands of Canadians diagnosed with this fatal, inherited neurodegenerative disease and for the thousands more at-risk of developing it.
In 2012, Isis researchers found their approach not only delayed progression of the disease but actually reversed symptoms. Now ready for human trials, scheduled for the Spring of 2015 in Canada and Europe, Isis is hoping for the same results in humans.
Bev Heim-Myers, CEO of the Huntington's Society of Canada, warns while this is excellent news for Canadian families affected by the disease, “What works in mice may not work in humans", and “Even if the drug does prove effective, it will take several years to get to market.”
It typically takes approximately five years for a treatment or drug to go through all three trials so if all goes well, those suffering with Huntington's Disease and those living in dread of it may finally have some relief in just a few short years.
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