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article imageHow you can work out with a personal trainer anytime you want from anyplace

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By Luka Marinkovic     Aug 12, 2014 in Health
InShape is an online service offering live personal training via webcam at low prices, so you can work out with a trainer anytime and anyplace that suits you without spending a great deal of money.
Where the idea of exercise over the Internet comes from
Jobs these days seem to demand an ever-increasing commitment of time and effort, leaving little room for exercise. And if you have a family, your days become a cycle of rotating back and forth between your office and home. Even if you find time to work out, the extra time required just to go to the gym and the intimidating environment once there can be demotivating. Or have you ever felt uncomfortable in a gym because people looking at you. Hiring a personal trainer helps you stay motivated but also costs a great deal of money. Time, money and motivation thus form a trio of obstacles in achieving a desired level of fitness. This is why InShape exists: to make exercising with a personal trainer more convenient and affordable while giving you someone to define exercise plan and push you to follow through.
How training via webcam saves time
How you can use your laptop with InShape
How you can use your laptop with InShape
Via InShape
InShape trainers do not come to your home or gym; instead, a webcam beams them into the space in which you want to exercise. Your trainer can also see you via your webcam so that you can interact with one another live. You can ask your trainer questions and your trainer can watch you work out, giving you on-the-spot feedback to ensure that you perform exercises correctly. This results in maximum-efficiency training sessions. A 50-minute workout really is a full 50 minutes of training. Plus, you don't have to spend additional time going to the gym or cleaning your home to host your trainer. You can dedicate that time to children, pets, shopping or anything you need to do at work or around the house.
What makes InShape different from online fitness programs
Until now, there have been two options for online fitness: follow a web-based program for free or a program designed for your particular needs by a web-based personal trainer for a fee. What sets InShape apart in the world of online fitness is its live interaction with a personal trainer. You receive the guidance of an expert in areas such as weight loss, body toning, yoga, Pilates with the convenience and comfort of working out online. Furthermore, a live personal trainer can help you stay fit while recovering from an injury, something that online fitness programs cannot do.
An example of how InShape offers you a fitness trainer anywhere you are
An example of how InShape offers you a fitness trainer anywhere you are
Courtesy InShape
Why personal training via webcam does not depend on your location
InShape synchronizes time zones in its system, so you will not miss your training even if you travel far from home. You can also train anywhere you want to--you only need enough space to spread your arms and legs. Furthermore, InShape provides 24-hour support via email and social networks, so you can always receive quick answers to questions about your training.
How to try out InShape
To give InShape a test run, complete a short registration process asking a few brief questions about yourself, your health condition and equipment you have. Next, select a trainer, workout type and the workout time that is most convenient for you. Trainers are available 24 hours a day, so there is no limit on when you can work out. Your first workout is free. From there, you can decide whether to purchase your next single session or a discounted package of them.
What training with InShape looks like over the long term
Your trainer will always make your exercises as effective and interesting as possible. You do not need previous experience or special equipment because InShape trainers know how to guide people at any fitness level. Of course, if you have dumbbells, a jump rope, aerobic stepper or any other fitness equipment, the exercise possibilities greatly expand. You can also switch between trainers at no additional charge. InShape maintains precise records of your training sessions, so if your trainer is not available when you want to train or you just want to try working out with someone else, another trainer can step in and guide you through your workout without missing a beat.
InShape's live personal training allows you to overcome the obstacles of lack of time, money, motivation and confidence and enables you to efficiently achieve your fitness goals. The same computer you are sitting at while reading this could be your portal to the body shape you have always desired. So take the first step now by scheduling an appointment to talk to one of our personal trainers.
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