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article imageFruit and nuts can help beat heart disease

By Ocean Malandra     Sep 8, 2014 in Health
Oxford - Heart disease takes more lives than any other illness every year, despite the wide range of modern treatments for the condition. But the newly released results of a seven-year study show that eating fruit cuts the risk of this deadly killer by 40 percent.
The study, which involved a half a million people and took place in China, was presented at the at ESC Congress by Dr Huaidong Du from Oxford, UK last month.
Researchers involved in the study found that not only did people who ate fruit on a daily basis have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, including ischaemic heart disease and stroke, they also had lower blood pressure and mortality rate than those who ate little or no fruit.
This study follows a similar study published in the British Journal of Nutrition earlier this year that found that almonds were able to lower the risk of heart disease in high-risk groups of people.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to produce newer and more effective medical treatments for it all the time.
But the use of pharmaceuticals is not without its own risk. The commonly prescribed antibiotic clarithromycin for example, has actually been linked to a greater risk of heart disease and heart attack in another recent study published in the British Medical Journal.
Meanwhile, a cascade of studies continue to show that diet and lifestyle choices, like eating more fruits and nuts, are powerful preventative measures that should be taken seriously.
As the researchers involved in the Chinese study on fruit consumption and heart disease concluded: "Fruit consumption is an effective way to cut CVD risk and should not only be regarded as 'might be useful'. Policies are needed to promote the availability, affordability and acceptability of fresh fruit through educational and regulatory measures."
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