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article imageFlat belly dietary products: Really making your tummies trimmer?

By Lesley Lanir     Mar 21, 2014 in Health
Beltsville - Flat belly ads appear everywhere on the Internet. They suggest that in one click you will know the secret to reducing your body fat. Is there any truth in their claims? Agricultural Research Service scientists investigated and found some unusual results.
Often when surfing the Internet ads pop up about "tummy trimming" or "belly fat reducing." Agricultural Research Service (ARS) reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists studied the prevalence of one of the supplementary ingredients offered in some of the products being advertised, African mango (AM).
In the past, other researchers have discovered through clinical trials that African mango seed extracts may lower body weight. But how much AM do you need to consume and how much is contained in these dietary products and do these supplements really do what they say?
The research team at the Beltsville [Maryland] Human Nutrition Research Center, chemist Pei Chen and postdoctoral associate Jianghao Sun, procured three AM seed extracts imported from China and five different AM dietary supplements purchased online in the United States to analyse.
The scientists found that the information on the labels of most of the products they tested was more than inaccurate. All labels of products sold in the US advertised as African mango dietary supplements list African mango seed extract as the main ingredient. However, from the five AM dietary supplements tested, Chen and Sun found that only one had traces of AM seed. Not even a tiny amount of authentic AM seed was detected in the other four supplements and none was found in the three AM seed extract samples.
Maybe take this into consideration when clicking on the "belly fat" reducing ads that pop up on your screen — that the consumer information offered about the products may not be 100 percent accurate. Also consider how as a consumer can you check the authenticity of the product and the suppliers' claims?
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