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article imageEven one alcohol binge harms health, say researchers

By Sonia D'Costa     May 19, 2014 in Health
Wine lovers are not going to like this, but they could be seriously damaging their health even if they drink four glasses of their favorite beverage at a time.
The results of a University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMASS) study serve as a warning to those who go on alcohol binges and think that it can’t possibly harm them.
Researchers have declared that even one session of binge drinking can increase the level of endotoxins in the blood, caused by leakage of bacteria from the gut. When the blood has too many endotoxins, the immune system gets affected and the body reacts by producing immune cells, which in turn leads to inflammation, fever, and destruction of tissue.
Binge drinking is having too many drinks at a time and raising the concentration of alcohol in the blood to 0.08g/dl or more. Binge drinkers have been warned about its dangers time and again. Having too many drinks can not only destroy health, but can also lead to injuries and accidents. Habitual binge drinkers are also slowly, but surely destroying various organs of their bodies, especially their livers.
The study, titled “Acute Binge Drinking Increases Serum Endotoxin and Bacteria DNA Levels in Healthy Individuals,” was published in Plos One journal recently. Besides warning about the increased level of endotoxins in the blood after one binge, the researchers discovered that binge drinking leads to more endotoxins and higher levels of blood alcohol in case of women than in men.
The researchers gave enough alcohol to raise the blood concentration level (BAC) of 14 women and 11 men to 0.08g/dl over a period of one hour. Their blood samples were tested every half hour for the next four hours and once again after 24 hours. Prof. Gyongyi Szabo, the head of the research study, said: “We found that a single alcohol binge can elicit an immune response, potentially impacting the health of an otherwise healthy individual. Our observations suggest that an alcohol binge is more dangerous than previously thought.”
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