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article imageElectromagnetic fields could treat diabetes

By Tim Sandle     Oct 18, 2020 in Health
A proof-of-concept study has demonstrated how electromagnetic fields can be harnessed to treat diabetes. The research to date is based on animal models.
Is it possible to develop some form of remote control of blood sugar? Possibly, based on new research that looks into the practicalities of deploying electromagnetic fields treat diabetes in animal models. The findings indicate that electromagnetic fields have the capability to alter redox signalling, in order to improve insulin sensitivity. The field is generated through wireless technology.
The new research comes from University of Iowa Health Care, where medical scientists found that by exposing diabetic rodents to a mix of static electric and magnetic fields, for several hours per day, led to a normalization of blood sugar together with the development of insulin resistance. The finding raises could lead to the application of electromagnetic fields as a control mechanism to tackle type 2 diabetes.
Electromagnetic fields are generated by moving electric charges. Electric fields exist whenever a positive or negative electrical charge is present. They exert forces on other charges within the field. The field interacts with charges and currents and these are the basis of the operation of electrical appliances in the home and mobile phones.
As to how the technology works against diabetes, it appears that the application of an electromagnetic fields affects the signalling of superoxide molecules located in the liver. This effect triggers the prolonged activation of an antioxidant response, which serves to rebalance the body's redox set point and hence the way the body responds to insulin. The researchers describe this as a 'quantum biological phenomenon'.
For the next stage of the research, the medics are working on a new animal model to see if the technology can produce a similar effects in larger animals with a physiology close to that of humans.
The research is published in the journal Cell Metabolism, where the research paper is headed "Exposure to Static Magnetic and Electric Fields Treats Type 2 Diabetes."
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