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article imageConditions masquerading as fat and obesity Special

By Tim Sandle     May 22, 2014 in Health
Diet and exercise normally proves effective for weight loss. However, a leading medic asks what if you’ve tried it all and the pounds still continue to pile? Dr. Amron says someone may be suffering from one of several diseases masquerading as obesity.
Dr. David Amron, one of the U.S.’s leading fat experts and dermatologic surgeons, has contacted Digital Journal to explain more.
Dr. Amron explains that there are different conditions that "masquerade" as fat and obesity, but they are in fact due to other conditions. Some examples of these conditions are:
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – One of the most common causes for infertility, PCOS impacts more than 5 million women nationwide. Among its most prominent symptoms are obesity and weight gain (not caused by excessive eating), and typically the weight builds around the waist area.
Cushing’s Syndrome – When the adrenal glands on top of our kidneys overproduce sex hormones like Cortisol, our metabolism is at great risk. The excess Cortisol slows, and nearly disables, the functions of our metabolism, building noticeable fatty deposits in the face (round “moon face”), between the shoulders, the upper back and midsection. Females account for roughly 70 percent of all Cushing’s Syndrome cases.
Lipedema – Almost exclusively found in females, lipedema has no cure and it affects 11 percent of women nationwide--that's roughly 17 million women. This chronic disorder affects the legs and arms, causing an abnormal accumulation of fat cells that produces a noticeably disproportionate appearance. One of the most misunderstood and unknown diseases, lipedema strikes both thin and obese individuals alike. Generally, no amount of diet or exercise can cease or prevent it from occurring.
Dr. David Amron, says that these conditions have significant implications and are "life-altering." He argues that different approaches are required in corrective procedures.
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