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10 surprising cavity causing culprits Special

By Tim Sandle     Dec 22, 2014 in Health
The holiday season is a great time to indulge and push the diet back. This especially includes sweet treats. However, there are other hidden risks that can cause tooth decay. Digital Journal spoke with a leading dentist to find out more.
Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, carious lesions or a cavities are holes in the teeth due to a bacterial infection. The World Health Organizations estimates that nearly all adults have had dental caries at some point in time.
We all know that sugar, candy, sodas, irregular brushing and flossing are sure-fire ways that lead to cavity development. However, there are other factors at play. Did you know that allergies, sinus, depression, anxiety and even weight loss can lead to cavities too?
To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with Dr. Matthew Steinberg, who is one of the leading dentists in the U.S. Dr. Steinberg has provided readers with a list of unusual "cavity causing culprits.”
These culprits are:
1.) Sinus: Many people who suffer from allergy problems take antihistamines. Taking antihistamines such as Benadryl, etc… increases your chance of developing cavities because these medications lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth increases your risk for redeveloping cavities.
2.) Allergies: Many people who suffer from Sinus take decongestants such as Sudafed, etc… which also causes dry mouth. Again, dry mouth increases your risk for developing cavities.
3.) Depression: People taking anti-depressants like Prozac, etc… are also at increased risk for cavity development. It turns out that the medications giving you your smile back may also be causing damage to your pearly whites! These medications lead to dry mouth which in turn can cause cavities.
4.) Anxiety: It turns out anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, etc… also lead to dry mouth. Again, dry mouth increases your risk for developing cavities.
5.) Vitamin water: We would think these drinks are healthy since they have the word “vitamin” in them, right? Wrong! Most of these drinks are very high in acid which causes tooth enamel break-down. Tooth enamel break-down leads to cavities.
6.) Sports drinks: Sports drinks can rehydrate you after a workout, but they also may also spell disaster for your teeth. Prolonged consumption of these types of beverages could lead to erosive tooth wear.
7.) Chewable vitamins: Very often these vitamins contain oligosaccharides which are fuel for bacteria. They are also very sticky in nature and therefore can stick to teeth much longer (also leading to cavity creation.)
8.) Bread/ Bananas/ Cereal/ Starchy foods: New research shows that some starches may actually be harder on your teeth than the sugar found in candy! That’s because starches dissolve much more slowly than sugar.
9.) Raisins & Other dried fruits: Sticky foods can wreak havoc on your teeth as the sugar and starches contained in them linger on the teeth much longer than non-sticky foods. This creates the perfect opportunity for cavity creation.
10.) Cough Syrup: Cough syrup and similar medications often contain sweeteners that fuel the germs that damage teeth and cause cavities.
With these there is much to think about. Some on the list are avoidable; others need the assistance of a registered healthcare professional.
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