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article imageRaise a spoon America, Yuengling's Ice Cream is back

By R. Francis Rubio     Feb 11, 2014 in Food
Pottsville - Yes, I said Yuengling's Ice Cream. After a 30-year hiatus, the company that shares its name with the popular Pennsylvania brewery has revived its ice cream production.
Move over Ben & Jerry, there's a new kid in town. Well, maybe not all that new. To many people born after 1985, the name Yuengling usually brings to mind a tall glass of ale, porter or lager. However, for some slightly older individuals, the name Yuengling is also synonymous with ice cream.
Once a well know brand of ice cream along the East Coast corridor of the United States, Yuengling's Ice Cream came about as a result of Prohibition. Starting in 1920, at the dawn of the Prohibition era, Frank D. Yuengling (owner of D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery) had to find an alternative product to market as alcohol suddenly became illegal, and so began the production of Yuengling's Ice Cream.
Then in 1935, (end of Prohibition) when production at the brewery resumed, the dairy division which made the ice cream was spun off into a completely different company. That company, run by Frederick G. Yuengling Sr. produced Yuengling's Ice Cream for the next 65 years, until eventually closing its doors in 1985.
As it turns out, that was not the end of the story. David Yuengling, great-grandson of the man who started the original ice cream company, was approached a few years ago by a family friend about rebooting the ice cream brand...Yuengling agreed.
However, as most people who start a new business know, the number one hurtle to success is often name recognition. Products are launched every day, but until your brand-name stands out among the rest, it's just one in a crowd. This is where Yuengling knew he had an advantage.
"One of the biggest things in putting a new product on the market is getting brand-name recognition, which is a problem we don't have," Yuengling told the Associated Press. "We are really popular for not having been on the market for 30 years."
As far as getting the flavors just right, chief operations operator Rob Bohorad said he and Yuengling worked tirelessly to perfect their recipes. And as a self proclaimed ice cream lover himself, Bohorad said he has enjoyed creating and testing all the new combinations of flavors.
"We tasted all of them," Said Bohorad.
Bob Pomian, a resident of Pottsville, Pa. told the Associated Press he was "brought up with" Yuengling Ice Cream. Adding, "If it's the same ice cream I ate 50 years ago, then I'd be happy with it."
Yuengling's Ice Cream is currently available in 10 flavors, including classic vanilla, chocolate chip and black and tan. The ice cream can be purchased in hundreds of stores all along the northeastern seaboard, with additional flavors and markets expected to be added later.
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