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article imageMcDonald's potato wedges are especially bad for you in France

By Anne Sewell     Jan 21, 2014 in Food
A French diner found out just how bad McDonald's food can be for your health, when she was hit in the eye by a stray flying potato wedge and seriously injured. The poor woman was booked off work for 10 days due to the injury.
Sud Ouest reports (in French) that the freak accident apparently happened at a McDonald's near Bordeaux in southern France.
Reportedly a customer was getting impatient and irate at the slow service and was gradually building up to totally losing his temper.
When he did completely blow his top, he threw a dangerous missile, in the form of a potato wedge, in the direction of a member of staff at the restaurant. Trouble is, he missed the member of staff completely and instead hit the eye of a woman who was trying to enjoy a meal with her family at another table close by.
The woman had to visit the hospital where a doctor examined her. It turns out the wedge had scratched the cornea of her eye and she was ordered to stay at home for 10 days.
While the woman has since reported the flying wedge incident to the police, there are no reports as to whether any progress has been made in the investigation.
This is the second incident within the last couple of months relating to fries and McDonald's in France. Back in December a 26-year-old man was upset that his fries were cold. When he got no satisfaction from complaining at the drive-thru window, he climbed out of his van, brandishing an axe.
Le Parisien reported (French language) that the man then swung his weapon at the drive-thru counter and smashed the window to pieces. Not satisfied with the results, the man then proceeded to throw the axe into the restaurant itself, where it fell in the middle of a group of terrified late-night diners.
While one member of staff was only mildly injured and required no hospitalization, apparently police tracked down the suspect and found him with a wound pouring with blood (probably from his attack on the drive-thru window) and took him away firstly for medical treatment, and then for some serious questioning.
Probably safe to say that eating McDonald's food is generally reasonably dangerous in France, let alone any health problems you might experience from the food itself.
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