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article imageKFC Japan opening 'KFC Colonel's Cafe' in Kobe on Nov. 28

By Can Tran     Nov 19, 2014 in Food
Kobe - Japan's branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken is opening an upscale KFC coffee shop in Kobe Japan on November 28th, which will have upscale items.
Unless you live in Japan, NEVER EVER say you love Kentucky Fried Chicken more than everybody else in the world. To anybody that does not care for KFC, to each their own. KFC, one of Yum! Brands' restaurant chains, has a very big presence in Japan. If you visit Tokyo, you are bound to find many KFC restaurants like you would find a Starbucks every few blocks if you visited Washington DC. Each fast food chain, let alone KFC, is treated differently in each country.
If you plan on traveling overseas for the first time, keep in mind that you will most likely come across an American fast food restaurant, but it will have unique country-exclusive items. Japan, of all countries, takes the cake because KFC goes beyond unique food items. On November 28th, KFC Japan celebrates the grand opening of the “KFC Colonel's Cafe” in Kobe.
KFC Colonel's Cafe has the standard regular cafe menu, but acts as an upscale coffee shop at the same time. Besides fried chicken and mashed potatoes, KFC Colonel's Cafe offers French-pressed coffee and tea.
You have your choice of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Ceylon.
Special upscale desserts are also part of the KFC Colonel's Cafe menu, making it feel like KFC and Antique Bakery merged together. Pancakes with vanilla ice cream are also offered at the restaurant. If you want a light breakfast, KFC Colonel's Cafe offers regular toast for 200 yen.
Tokyo has ROUTE 25, which has been around since 2012, the first KFC in the world with a fully stocked whiskey bar. Like KFC Colonel's Cafe, ROUTE 25 has original dishes in addition to the regular menu. You can enjoy your chicken with a glass of Jack Daniels.
ROUTE 25 is open from 5 p.m.-11 p.m.
KFC Japan does not stop there, it has three KFC bento box restaurants, where you can buy fried chicken in a traditional Japanese bento box meal complete with standard bento box sides.
KFC Japan and regular KFC are worlds apart from the restaurants to the special promotions. Yes, KFC Japan has unique promotions you will never find anywhere else. A solid example is the partnership between KFC Japan and Japan Airlines, where select flights get KFC as their in-flight “Air Kentucky” meal.
The other holiday promotion involves winning a one-night trip to Osaka, where you can eat all the KFC you want.
Why has KFC Japan gone this far in promoting the brand? Fried chicken, especially KFC has been popular amongst the Japanese since the 1970s, thanks to the foreigners celebrating Christmas. KFC also has Christianity to thank for its Japan popularity as well. The typical dinner on Christmas aka “mass of Christ,” primarily a Christian holiday, is turkey.
Turkey is not really abundant in Japan, but chicken is. Christmas is KFC Japan's most profitable time of year, where people call months in advance to secure their holiday buckets. Fried chicken has become one of the most popular Western foods in Japan.
KFC's popularity in Japan was parodied as “Sentucky Fried Chicken” in the Japanese anime series The Devil Is A Part Timer!, which is the rival to McDonald's parody MgRonald, where protagonist Mao Sadao works in hopes to climb the corporate ladder and “rule the world.”
KFC fans in Kobe, enjoy the KFC Colonel's Cafe.
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