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article imageHäagen-Dazs Japan releases gold and silver ice cream

By Gregory Maher     Oct 7, 2014 in Food
Would you believe that Häagen-Dazs Japan's releases for December 9 include in their ingredients Ashirai silver foil, wine from Bordeaux, and specks of gold leaf?
Häagen-Dazs was formed in the Bronx, New York as an appeal to Old World charm and craftsmanship. Applied to ice cream, this craft is revealed in unique and inventive flavors released every year. Häagen-Dazs Japan, the island-nation's regional brand, calls back this Old World charm with its new tribute to French history.
"Opera," and "Antoinette," are the two newest flavors to grace the frozen section. "Opera," perhaps in reference to the luxury of Parisian opera houses of the golden age, is itself made with edible bits of gold. It seems like a tour through a french Patisserie, layered with butter, macadamia nuts, almond cookies, and chocolate. Reflecting the espresso-driven Parisian lifestyle, the ice cream also contains two different coffee flavors (which is also one of the three original Häagen-Dazs flavors along with vanilla and chocolate).
New flavours from Häagen-Dazs Japan
New flavours from Häagen-Dazs Japan
Häagen-Dazs Japan
As for "Antoinette," that infamous silver-tongued queen of France, the ice cream is topped with - you guessed it - flakes of silver. In a true homage to french decadence, this ice cream is made with a special red wine ice cream. Layered under this Bordeaux-sourced ice cream is custard ice cream, and a sponge cake. It hardly appears to be a coincidence that the heart of this 4-layer concoction is a reference to Marie Antoinette's infamous (and probably fabricated) quote to the starving: "Let them eat cake."
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