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Fast & Furious food delivery from McDonald's in Melbourne (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Oct 23, 2014 in Food
Melbourne - For the ultimate in fast food, McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia is now making deliveries. In fact, pretty flashy deliveries, as customers' burgers and fries arrive by either a red Ferrari F430 Spider or a white luxury Lamborghini.
Starting Wednesday this week, "McDelivery, " a new service with a touch of class, has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. The South Melbourne branch of the American fast food chain, McDonald's, now has some rather flashy cars parked out front, which are proving to be a hit with the locals and passers-by in the area. In fact, many people stop and take "selfies" and photos next to the impressive luxury vehicles, which have been custom-decorated with the iconic McDonald's colors and logo.
All that is required is for a customer to make a minimum food order of 25 AUD (which works out to around 17 euros or US$21), as well as a delivery fee of 4.95 AUD (3.44 euros or $4.35) through their online ordering system to get the benefit of fast and furious delivery of their order.
According to their Menulog website, this is the "No. 1 for online takeaway" with the "Best Price Guaranteed" and now, it seems, a touch of luxury too.
Apparently this is one of several new ideas the fast food giant is thinking up to boost its image, as reportedly the group recorded a drop of 30 percent in their profits for the last quarter, ending September 30.
Apparently a food scandal in China, as well as heavy competition from other fast food suppliers has had its effect. Now the company wishes to push a campaign promoting their restaurants as a healthy and classier option. While "healthier" is maybe still a little in dispute, "classier" definitely does apply.
Daily Mail Australia spoke to Rob Moodie, professor for public health at the University of Melbourne who said, "One would hope these changes are because we as consumers are more discerning and demanding of healthy food, because that's the only way that we would ever receive a change in McDonald's rather than through government regulation."
"They are the masters of marketing, they don't come much better than Ronald McDonald for instance – he's the 21st century pied piper," he added.
A 21st century pied piper with a red Ferrari and a white Lamborghini might just do the trick, indeed.
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