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article imageExploring the seaweed brew and unusual craft beers

By Walter McDaniel     Jul 25, 2014 in Food
Belfast - Seaweed craft beer is big news on many culinary sites. Due to a flavor which stands out even in the unique craft beer sector and some interesting health benefits many are trying out this new brew.
Brewers of "Sea Belt" make this drink in much the same way as they would make other beer. About six sounds of dried kelp, made from 60 pounds of wet seaweed, are placed into another vat with 200 gallons of scotch. A Scottish peat-smoked malt offsets the salty in the kale to balance out the flavors. One batch of craft beer takes several weeks to brew before you can taste it. NPR did an excellent story on this.
Unusual ingredients do not stop here though. Other brewers use whale bones to make a fortified drink. Rock Mountain Oyster Stout combines beer with a southern delicacy that sometimes leaves eaters shocked.
People rarely drink beer for the health benefits but this is one of the selling points for seaweed beer. Known by almost everyone who follows health food trends as one of the most noteworthy "superfoods" it has some real health benefits. Does the science back this up though? Researchers with NOVA publishing think so as they detail the benefits of eating it in normal form and taking in extracts.
Of course there are some dangers in taking too much kelp. Scares about radiation also came up but were proved untrue in later findings. For these reasons and others it has been safe from the recent turn against superfoods.
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