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article imageExecutive Chef Philippe Chow talks NY restaurants and digital age Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 19, 2019 in Food
New York - Executive Chef Philippe Chow chatted with Digital Journal about his two Manhattan locations, the Beijing-style Chinese cuisine, as well as being a chef in the digital age.
On the Beijing-style Chinese cuisine, he said, "I love the fact that Beijing-style Chinese cuisine has a very distinct flavor for each dish, whereas Cantonese-style cuisine loves to mix and match, but Beijing-style is very diverse with each dish having its own unique flavor."
He has two Manhattan locations, one in Uptown and one in Downtown. "Uptown has been always in line with more classic and prestigious atmosphere, whereas the downtown is more modern design with a young vibe that accompanies the louder music and we serve food later into the night," he explained.
"First of all, I would really love to thank all who have been showing their interest in the Philippe Chow restaurants. Whether or not you've been to one of these two restaurants, I welcome you and thank you for coming. I am especially thankful, since it's been a dream for me to really bring Chinese culture and cuisine to the best city in the world," he said.
Regarding his job description, he said, "As an Executive Chef, my duty is to make sure the food is served up to the par of the standard in Philippe. I mainly manage the kitchen and the staff, make sure the food and all inventories are stocked. But the most important part of my job description is to try and come up with new dishes so we could periodically update our menu, as you know there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to present Chinese cuisine."
Digital transformation of the food service industry
On the impact of technology on the food service industry, he said, "Technology has been a great help to all industries, and especially I believe it has been an amazing aid to the food service industry. As we explore more of AI technology and cooking robots, I believe it will make the food industry more efficient in many ways."
He continued, "As a chef, food service, isn't all about fast, cheap, and easy but more of an art to me than anything. When I grab my wok, it's like I'm an artist trying to present my emotion and value through the food. And that in itself, I believe it cannot be replaced by robotic machines."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as an executive chef, he said, "I actually quite enjoy using technology in my daily routine. As an Executive Chef, I am quite interested and curious about all cuisines. And to make it easier on myself, Internet and personal tablets have been a very convenient solution to help me travel the world and learn the trend for my line of work."
On being a chef in this digital age, he said, "It's been quite overwhelming actually, in this digital age, the biggest challenge is there are endless new methods and devices to communicate with each other. But all in all, I am comfortable with the fact that the food industry still remains very personable because digital age doesn't replace the need of the interaction people have over the dining table. So it's still quite enjoyable to be a chef."
For young and aspiring chefs, he said, "I would humbly advise them to invest as much time as possible to whatever cuisine they are interested in; however, my main point to them will be to take note of the old style, learn about the history of the food industry. With the old, comes to differentiate new style cuisine. After better comparison, I believe new style and new ideas will come to fruition."
Chow concluded, "I am thankful for this platform where I could show the world what Beijing-style Chinese cuisine truly is, and why we've served the kings of the great dynasties for thousands of years. I sincerely wish that each and everyone who comes to Philippe Chow will have the greatest experience and would be a part of this amazing journey that I am walking. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and visiting."
To learn more about Executive Chef Philippe Chow and his two restaurants, check out the official website.
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