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article imageBurritobox: The world's first burrito vending machine

By Natty Walker     Jan 17, 2014 in Food
West Hollywood - For many years, burritos have been a major staple in fast food. That may change now that a new vending machine has brought burritos from simply fast food, into the realm of instant food.
Burritobox is to burritos as RedBox is to DVDs. This new kiosk is being dubbed "the world's first burrito vending machine." A lucky gas station in the affluent community of West Hollywood, California recently debuted the first Burritobox location. Another Burritobox will open on January 18th in Century City, California. Due in part to the social media buzz, these will likely be the first of many instant burrito machine locations.
The process for ordering a burrito from Burritobox is quick and easy. Utilizing interactive touch-screen technology, customers choose between five main options for their burrito. The five options are chorizo sausage (with eggs and cheese), roasted potato (with eggs and cheese), uncured bacon (with eggs and cheese), free-range chicken (with beans and rice), and shredded beef (with cheese). The cost of one burrito is $3.00 USD, plus tax. Sour cream, Tabasco sauce, or guacamole can be added for a small extra fee. While waiting for the burrito to be prepared, a music video plays on the touchscreen. After about a minute and a half, the burrito should be warm and ready. It is about 5 inches long and wrapped in an orange package.
Professional and journalistic reviews of Burritobox have been mostly negative. However, the company's Instagram page is full of smiling, happy people appearing to whole-heartedly enjoy their experience at the first ever Burritobox. The Burritobox official website includes links to eight different social media accounts. With such an expansive social media presence, the company is quickly gaining notoriety, if not popularity.
On the other hand, an article by LAist shows the mixed reactions to Burritobox. According to the article, "The tortillas were a little bit mushy - some more so than others - and sheets of tortilla stuck to the paper as we unwrapped them. The fillings were pretty hit and miss but mostly miss." The review also analyzes each individual flavor, including pictures showing the insides of the burritos. Most of their reactions to the burritos are on the negative side. They give the best marks to the beef and cheese burrito.
Potential franchisees or business owners interested in hosting a Burritobox location can use the company's website to conveniently apply. A sweepstakes on the website will also give one lucky winner free burritos for a year. By entering an email address, potential Burritobox customers can earn $1.00 USD off their first burrito.
In contrast to most fast food burritos, the Burritobox company claims their products are actually quite healthy. According to the company website, "Our burritos are 100% all natural." Another claim on the website states, "Our breakfast burritos feature cage-free eggs!" In addition, the company asserts there are no hormones nor antibiotics in the meat of their burritos.
Vending machines for "real" food instead of simple snacks may seem like a new idea, but instant food is quickly gaining popularity in the United States, especially California. Southern California hosts vending machines that offer gourmet cupcakes, caviar, juice, and even marijuana. Pioneers in the food industry are always thinking of new ways to prepare good food in as little cost and time as possible.
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