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article imageSeptember sees U.S. automotive sales up: SUVs are gaining speed

By Carol Ruth Weber     Oct 6, 2014 in Technology
Possibly the falling gas prices played a role, or last year's harsh winter, but once again the data is proving Americans love affair for trucks has not ended. People in the U.S., again are deciding to purchase popular light trucks over sedans.
The results are in for automotive September sales resulting in a rise in transactions in the U.S. for Sept. 2014. Perhaps people just suddenly saw a need to replace aging vehicles, but, as predicted by Edmunds, TrueCar and Kelly Blue Book, the U.S. definitely saw a climb in new vehicle sales for September versus one year ago. Surprisingly a huge number in sales went to trucks and utility vehicles of all sizes made by American born car manufacturers.
People are proving to be going for the SUV gusto again in purchasing new vehicles in the U.S. market.
According to Kelley Blue Book, SUV's drove up the U.S. market making the long time underdog American car makers winners again. Kelley Blue Book shows that as of September American car makers Chrysler, at 5 percent, and GM, at 4.5 percent, have shown the largest increases in sales in one year's time. Ford showed a small increase as well at 0.3 percent.
Reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy has seen 248,000 jobs added in September bringing the countries unemployment rate down to 5.9-percent. Confidence to make large new purchases of vehicles that involve loan payments may be the result of the U.S. job market finally picking up. People are becoming more savvy, using online guides to help with purchasing a vehicle that is affordable and at the best price possible. Easily click here for the guide to assist with the math to figure out what one can afford when buying a vehicle and taking out a loan. Shopping around comparing deals online at sites such as TrueCar, and Auto Trader makes one feel in control of their important money making decision when walking into a dealership.
With summer over, and folks looking to perhaps another cruel snowy and icy winter, it seems that SUV's are showing statistically to be the most popular vehicle of choice. People in the U.S., again feeling secure in their job status are deciding to purchase new vehicles, preferring the popular light trucks over sedans. Although smaller vehicle sales may be lagging behind the trucks, happily truck sales are placing the U.S. auto manufacturers as leaders again in U.S. automotive sales.
Trucks ride high again in the U.S. as Sept. 2014 sales results prove.
Overall all final results of the U.S. market light vehicle deliveries in September of 2014 show that vehicle sales have risen in the U.S. since September of 2013. According to Autodata Corporations new vehicle sales final statistics for September, released on, show that the total sales of vehicles in the U.S. have risen by 9.4-percent in one year. Total sales of light trucks proved to be the reason for such good sales reports with a 16.5-percent climb in sales as of the end of Sept. 2014.
General Motors overall sales are up 19.4-percent in one year since Sept. 2013. Most of GM's sales were for light trucks at 28.1-percent with the rise in their car sales at only 5.9-percent. Chrysler too showed heavy improvement from one year ago thanks to a heavy raise in light truck sales. With an 18.8-percent rise in Sept. 2014 sales, Chrysler's light trucks sold 30.4-percent more in the year since Sept. 2013.
The two American manufacturers rose to the top of the list in SUV sales beating out the popular Toyota, Nissan and Honda Japanese auto makers in truck sales. Subaru matched GM with a 28.1-percent sales in trucks and also came in high at 32.9-percent in car sales, but it must be noted that all of the Subaru vehicles are four wheel drive which only proves that Americans have put SUV's back in vogue. The only manufacturers that beat out American sales in light trucks were Hyundai, at a 32.1-percent rise in the past year, and the luxury Porsche at a winning 36-percent more in one year's time.
Hopefully the rise in jobs as well as the sales of vehicles will maintain the climbing. A continued upsweep effect could be very positive, trickling down to add even more jobs, as well as keeping American car manufacturers and their employees in business. With the new rise of jobs and automotive sales, the American dream of supporting oneself, a family, owning a home and car has the possibility to be realized for future generations.
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