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Saudi woman gets revenge on husband with $100,000 traffic fines

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     May 17, 2015 in Technology
A Saudi Arabian woman angered by her husband’s decision to take a second wife has exacted her revenge by raking up $100,000 in deliberate fines on his wedding night.
In a smarter way to exact revenge on her husband who took on a second wife, a disgruntled Saudi woman asked her brother to take her husband’s pickup truck for a joyride that resulted in fines totaling about 300,000 Saudi Riyals – the equivalent of $100,000. In order to exact maximum fines, the truck was repeatedly driven through red lights where the truck licence number could be picked up by cameras.
Saudi Arabia operates an automated traffic fine system called 'Saher' that uses cameras at traffic intersections and an online monitoring system to catch traffic rule violators.
The video shows the SUV driving through a red light and reversing to jump the red light again.
The video has gone viral on the internet and evoked mixed reactions across social media.
Many hailed the woman's courage for teaching her husband a lesson while others insisted that her husband should not be made liable for the traffic violations. According to them, the woman should introspect and ask herself about the reasons that pushed her husband to take another wife.
Saudi news paper Albawaba reports that the woman and her brother will have to pay the fine since eyewitnesses can testify her husband was not driving the minivan.
It was his wedding evening and he has many witnesses who can testify that he was not driving. His first wife and her brother will be forced to pay the fines since they were the ones in the car that broke the rules. They may also get a jail term and lashes for their reckless behavior.
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