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Physical distancing is the primary method for reducing transmission of coronavirus. However, the practice of this health measure varies across different demographic groups, according to a new study looking at the U.S.

'Dark days' for Venice gondola makers

Already under threat, Venice's traditional gondola shipyards now lie silent apart from the gentle sound of canal water lapping at their doorsteps.

Misinformation and coronavirus hand-in-hand in Ecuador outbreak

By the time the coronavirus pandemic spiraled out of control in Ecuador, misinformation was already spreading on the internet with reports of corpses being thrown into the sea, bodies washing up on beaches and miracle cures aplenty.

UN agency recommends health guidelines for airlines

Mask wearing, temperature controls, disinfection of aircraft: the International Civil Aviation Organization on Monday published a series of health recommendations for the pandemic-hit airline industry as it relaunches air travel.

DR Congo reports fresh Ebola outbreak

DR Congo reported a fresh Ebola outbreak in its northwest on Monday, the latest health emergency for a country already fighting an epidemic of the deadly fever in the east as well as a surging number of coronavirus infections.

Turkey's Grand Bazaar reopens, along with cafes, restaurants

Turkey reopened restaurants, cafes and Istanbul's iconic 15th century Grand Bazaar market on Monday as the government further eased coronavirus restrictions.

'Little Chef' charms Myanmar with lockdown cooking classes

From boiled catfish soup to spicy fried frog, an eight-year-old in pyjamas and a chef's hat is delighting Myanmar with her culinary prowess in a nation still being told to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Q&A: Renewable technology to mass-produce effective facemasks Special

A new type of facemask has been developed using the process of chromatogeny, which can render cellulose materials hydrophobic. The technology offers a new means to mass produce facemasks from renewable materials.

German engineer on China charter flight tests positive for coronavirus

A German engineer on the first flight carrying European workers back to China has tested positive for coronavirus as an asymptomatic carrier, local authorities said Sunday.

UK govt advisors sound warning on easing virus lockdown

Senior advisors to Boris Johnson's government on Saturday warned it was too early to lift the lockdown, just two days before the UK further relaxes coronavirus restrictions.

COVID-19 and contact tracing: How safe is your data? Special

Contact tracing apps and the use of people employed to be 'tracers' is seen as an important aspect of the fight against coronavirus. However, what happens to the data and who controls it?

Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers

Masazumi Kato sighed deeply as he lowered himself into a tub at a public bathhouse in a Tokyo suburb, enjoying a return to a Japanese tradition largely off-limits during the city's coronavirus lockdown.

Venezuela's official virus data is 'absurd': HRW and Johns Hopkins

Venezuela's low case count and death toll from the coronavirus are likely false and could in fact end up being thousands of times higher, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Johns Hopkins University.

German virus 'guru' in crosshairs of lockdown critics

One of Germany's top virologists has become a hate figure for conspiracy theorists and the anti-lockdown movement, leading to an ugly spat with the country's top-selling newspaper and exposing a growing rift over scientists' role in fighting the pandem...

Q&A: How to stay mentally healthy A during the COVID-19 crisis Special

With COVID-19 in full swing, many are accepting the fact that we all may be stuck inside for the long-haul. Yet this brings with it psychological and physical challenges. A psychotherapist provides some advice.

France to reopen cafes, end domestic travel limit

France on Thursday announced the long-awaited nationwide reopening of bars, restaurants and cafes from June 2, albeit with restrictions, and lifted limitations on domestic travel in time for the summer holidays.

Mandatory divorce 'cooling-off' period sparks anger in China

Chinese couples seeking a divorce must first complete a month-long "cooling-off" period according to a new law passed Thursday that sparked outrage over state interference in private relationships.

US virus toll crosses 100,000 as pandemic rages in Latin America

The US coronavirus death toll passed 100,000 as the pandemic tightened its grip on South America, which is outpacing Europe and the United States in daily infections.Global cases have surged to nearly 5.

'Reborn' Swiss to drop most virus restrictions on June 6

Switzerland announced Wednesday it would remove most of its remaining coronavirus restrictions on June 6, when all leisure and entertainment activities can resume if appropriate precautions are in place.

France bans the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

The French government on Wednesday revoked a decree authorizing hospitals to prescribe the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 patients after France’s public health watchdog warned against its use to treat the disease.

Maria Argyropoulos Zarian talks 'Masks for a Cause' and m.andonia Special

Greek-American designer Maria Argyropoulos Zarian chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about making a difference with her company m.andonia and "Masks for a Cause." She also spoke about her Greek heritage.

South Korea sees biggest jump in virus cases in seven weeks

South Korea reported its biggest jump in coronavirus infections in seven weeks on Wednesday, driven by a fresh cluster at an e-commerce warehouse on Seoul's outskirts, as millions more pupils went back to school.

No screams please: Japanese funfairs prepare for virus era

No screaming on the rollercoaster, socially distant spooks in the haunted house and please refrain from high-fiving your favourite superhero: welcome to Japanese amusement parks in the coronavirus era.

Virus takes toll on mental health of Europe's medics

Steve, a paramedic in northeast England, contracted the coronavirus two months ago. Then his wife fell ill. Both recovered but throughout they were concerned about passing it on to their two young sons.

Montenegro woos tourists to Europe's 'corona-free' corner

Less than two months after detecting its first infection, Montenegro is the first country in Europe to declare itself coronavirus-free, a success story the tiny country hopes will lure tourists to its dazzling Adriatic coast this summer.

Virus spread 'still accelerating' in Brazil, Peru, Chile: WHO

International health authorities expressed concern Tuesday over signs the spread of the new coronavirus is still accelerating in Brazil, Peru and Chile.

COVID-19 negatively influencing sexually transmitted diseases

Canada’s health care providers are warning that coronavirus shutdowns are negatively influencing another outbreak: sexually transmitted infections.

Italy's nearly deserted Pompeii reopens its ruins to public

Italy's world-famous archaeological site Pompeii reopened to the public on Tuesday as the country's coronavirus lockdown lifted -- though guides outnumbered tourists at the ancient Roman city.

UK health service tests out facial authentication technology Special

The developer of facial authentication technology, iProov, is working with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) to implement biometrics in order to boost security and reduce cybersecurity incidents.

EU readies trillion-euro aid plan as virus hammers Latin America

A one-trillion-euro recovery plan to get Europe back on its feet after the devastation wreaked by the coronavirus pandemic was set to be unveiled Wednesday, as badly hit Spain started 10 days of national mourning for its thousands of dead.

WHO stops hydroxychloroquine trials over safety concerns

The WHO suspended trials of the drug that Donald Trump has promoted as a coronavirus defence, fuelling concerns about the US president's handling of the pandemic that has killed nearly 100,000 Americans.

Unease in Greece as restaurants, cafes reopen

Restaurants and cafes across Greece opened ahead of schedule Monday as the country prepared to launch a shortened tourism season vital to its economy.

Asia virus latest: Japan to lift emergency, India domestic flights resume

Here are the latest developments in Asia related to the coronavirus pandemic:- Japan set to lift virus emergency -Japan is poised Monday to lift its nationwide state of emergency over the coronavirus, gradually reopening the world's third-biggest econo...

Confusion, jitters as Indian domestic flights resume

Domestic flights resumed in India on Monday even as coronavirus cases surge, while confusion about quarantine rules prompted jitters among passengers and the cancellation of dozens of planes.

Japan set to lift coronavirus emergency as cases slow

Japan was poised to lift its nationwide state of emergency over the coronavirus on Monday, gradually reopening the world's third-biggest economy after new cases slowed to a crawl.

First Spanish beaches to reopen as lockdown eases

Coronavirus lockdown measures will finally be eased for people in Madrid and Barcelona from Monday, while elsewhere in Spain the first beaches are due to reopen.

COVID-19 fears: Most worry about more COVID-19 like outbreaks

How are people responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? What are the central concerns of the typical population? A new survey from Piplsay pinpoints the key issues of the current zeitgeist.

Hydroxychloroquine shortage hurting patients who need it

Lupus patients in the U.S. who rely on hydroxychloroquine are beginning to worry as the nation's supply of the drug dwindles in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, calling the situation "survival of the fittest."

Cyprus beaches reopen as new virus cases hit zero

A new form of beach life, spaced apart, emerged Saturday on the Mediterranean holiday island of Cyprus after more than two months of coronavirus-imposed curbs were lifted on freedom of movement.

Germans opt for staycations as virus fears linger

Germans usually love their sun-soaked summer holidays abroad. But fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections have prompted a new holiday destination of choice: their home country.

Brazil surges to second in coronavirus cases worldwide

Brazil overtook Russia Friday as the country with the second-highest number of coronavirus infections worldwide behind the United States, as the Americas emerged as a new epicenter of the pandemic.
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