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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a list of medicines for which there are new safety warnings or errors with the package inserts.

Hobbies and tuition put rich children at ‘substantial advantage’ Special

Dancing, sport and music lessons put children at a substantial advantage over those who do not take part in extracurricular activities, according to a recent study from Sutton Trust.

Op-Ed: Esquire and Robert Gates make strong case for Scouting

The new president of the Boy Scouts of America, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, makes his case for the importance of Scouting in the 21st century in Esquire. As an Eagle Scout, his words ring truer than ever.

Inside the doctor shortage, and how it’s being solved Promoted

One of the largest challenges facing healthcare today is the difficulties that certain communities are experiencing in their quest to find individuals willing to work in the field.

Organizations demand trained interpreters for deaf Oregon inmates

Last Monday, three organizations filed a letter to the Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC), Colette S. Peters on behalf of deaf inmates in Oregon.

Photo essay: Touring southern Saskatchewan Special

While Saskatchewan, Canada is a province known largely for its flat landscape, a tour of the province's south shows that there's a lot more than meets the eye.

Yoga could help veterans with PTSD

New research from the University of W-Madison has looked at how yoga can help war veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

Spanish bus driver caught in act of texting while driving (Video)

A passenger on a shuttle bus, running between Barcelona airport and the city center, caught the driver on video, sending WhatsApp messages on his mobile phone while driving through heavy traffic.

Billion dollar Ebola fight seen as US pledges 3,000 troops

Nearly one billion dollars is needed to fight the Ebola outbreak raging in west Africa, the United Nations said Tuesday, while Washington pledged 3,000 troops to try to "turn the tide" of the epidemic.

Goldfish receives micro-surgery to remove tumor

A goldfish named George was suffering from a head tumor that almost ended his life, but he was saved after a vet performed life-threatening surgery.

Drive-thru mourning now offered at Michigan funeral home

Drive-thru windows have become a part of everyday life for many of us, but some Michigan residents find the drive-thru visitation window at a local funeral home disrespectful.

Obama to ask Congress for millions to fight Ebola outbreak

President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for close to $1 billion in funding to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As part of his response, the president also plans to include more U.S. military involvement in the crisis.

Op-Ed: Health Canada under fire for serious public health risk issues

The Toronto Star has exposed major failures related to Health Canada’s conduct of its operations. A pattern of dysfunction, including "useless" information, a culture of hiding serious drug defects, and a lot more is emerging, and it's a sick picture.

Farm workers take drug resistant bacteria home

A new study has found that over half of farm workers who look after animals in industrial hog farms carry home hog-related bacteria in their noses. This is potentially harmful for the farm workers and their families.

Jammu Kashmir tourism to be affected by floods

Jammu Kashmir, the north Indian Himalayan state in India, will see a steep fall in its tourism prospects this year, thanks to devastating floods that have hit the state, the worst in five decades.

TV anchor says he has cancer and only has six months to live

A TV news anchorman who is battling brain cancer told views that he has only around 4-6 months to live, but he is hoping to work for as long as he can.

Indian airlines struggling despite festival season

Dussehra and Navaratri are generally considered peak travel seasons thanks to Indians celebrating the festivals with family. But this year, airlines are unable to make hay while the sun shines, and are still slashing prices to attract customers.

George Zimmerman to driver: 'I will f***ing kill you'

George Zimmerman allegedly threatened to kill a fellow motorist recently after a confrontation at a red light apparently escalated into a shouting match.

Op-Ed: Ways to protect against Ebola

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is causing unparalleled devastation. As well as killing thousands of citizens in west African countries, it has also affected dozens of aid workers. How can aid workers protect themselves?

Health care officials worry about Ebola virus becoming airborne

The World Health Organization predicted that the Ebola virus could end up infecting 20,000 people before it was brought under control. This assumes that international cooperation will be in place to intervene in stopping the outbreak on the disease.

Poll: Two percent of French women willing to go topless at beach

A poll, conducted by Elle magazine, revealed that as few as two-percent of women under the age of 35 are willing to bare their breasts at the beach.

Op-Ed: Palmer Chiropractic ire to AHA's claim 'neck adjustments-stroke' Special

This past August, the American Heart Association issued statements to the press wishing to raise awareness of the potential risks when having a "neck adjustment" done by a chiropractor or other complimentary medicine professionals.

Review: Photo Essay — The wild gardens of Cornwall Special

The Eden project in Cornwall plays host a dazzling array of flowers, plants and trees. Digital Journal paid a visit to the remarkable eco-project that was once a disused clay pit.

Scientists brewed tea in a chocolate teapot

Experts based in York have managed to make a teapot made from chocolate, and it was able to hold boiling water for two minutes.

Liberia shows biggest Ebola death-toll increase

The rate of Ebola has exponentially increased in Liberia. World Health Organization (WHO) officials have responded by saying that intervention efforts must be scaled up at least three-fold.

Gut microbes affect flu vaccine effectiveness

Researchers have discovered that the composition of the microorganisms in the gut affect effectivity of the seasonal flu vaccine. This potentially means that your gut bacteria affect how effective the vaccine will be within your own body.

September 13 is World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day is an international day of action and awareness-raising, supported by organisations around the world. It is coordinated internationally by the Global Sepsis Alliance, a collaborative group of non-profit organisations.

UBC a global microcosm says Gupta at President installation Special

Arvind Gupta commits to five themes for the University of British Columbia as the 13th President of the venerable institution in his installation speech today.

New study demonstrates how fast Ebola virus can spread

Earlier this week, Liberia's defense minister, Brownie Samukai told the U.N. Security Council that Ebola "is now spreading like wildfire, devouring everything in its path." A new study just released shows us how fast the deadly virus is spreading.

Tracking bats could help halt Ebola spread

Various actions are being undertaken to fight the Ebola virus that is sweeping across parts of West Africa, and resulting in a mounting death toll. As the main vector is bats, some scientists think that tracking bats is one way to combat the disease.

Starting Sept. 19, BK Japan to roll out two new 'Kuro Burgers'

For a limited time, starting September 19, Burger King Japan is rolling out two new burgers in its "Kuro Burger" series: Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl.

'Lungs in a Box' could breath new life into lung transplants Promoted

The medical company TransMedics, in collaboration with Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical, devised an innovative technology that allows human lungs to continue to function before being transplanted into a patient.

University student buys house boat to avoid accomodation costs

Charlotte Tindle was worried about facing living costs of £1,000 a month in Fulham, London, whilst studying at the London University Tech Music School - so instead she renovated a disused houseboat.

Notting Hill Carnival 2014 – As seen on Instagram

This year the Notting Hill Carnival was a huge success and was a great time for music and dancing in West London. What will happen for next year?

Op-Ed: World first — Trial ‘reverses’ cancer, restores cells to normal

In what researchers are describing as a “serendipitous” discovery, use of an anti-malarial drug has effectively reversed a cancer in fruit fly tests, restoring the cells to normal function. Yes, this is a very big deal.

Dengue fever vaccine may actually increase prevalence

Scientists caution that such dengue fever vaccines will probably cause temporary but significant spikes in the disease in the years after they are first used, according to a new report.

Australian man isolated in Ebola scare

An Australian was isolated in hospital Thursday after he displayed symptoms of Ebola following a trip to Africa but health officials said it is unlikely he has the deadly virus.

Op-Ed: Santa Rosa cafe is 'like home' to many who enjoy home cooking Special

Walking into Sam's For Play Café has that diner feeling to it. Yet amid the memorabilia on the walls, there is a sense of family here that is more than just another family-style restaurant.

FDA queries testosterone supplement benefits

A new report suggests that there is little much evidence to support the health benefits of testosterone-enhancing drugs. At the same time there do not appear to be any major risks linked to the use of such supplements.

Top tips for asthma care Special

Asthma can be a difficult condition, especially in the young, and a number of factors can trigger the condition. To help children with asthma, Digital Journal spoke with a leading medic.

Dressing With The Stars: David Beckham's sleek Belstaff moto-look

With retired famed English footballer player David Beckham brandishing his own line of moto-lifestyle menswear collection for British brand Belstaff, you can dress like a hunky, soccer ball-kicking warm leatherette, too.


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