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In Bihar, India, literally millions of people are showing signs of arsenic poisoning, which can be linked to cancer, due to continually drinking contaminated water.

FDA issues new codeine drug warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about the use of codeine based medicines, especially in the context of medicines administered to children.

Op-Ed: Spokane's Brambleberry Cottage, a respite from 21st century Special

In this busy high-tech 21st century society it's hard to find time to relax with family and friends. Mother's Day this coming May 13, is perhaps an ideal opportunity to spend time just enjoying each other's company.

Woman claims she was thrown off United flight because of a cat

Another day, another airline story. A woman claims she was kicked off a United Airlines flight because she told an agent at the gate she had respiratory problems and needed to sit as far away as possible from a cat that was in the passenger cabin.

Rap, a universal language, in service of endangered ones

Rap has been called a universal language -- but it can also be a tool to preserve languages at risk.

Weight-gain risks identified with diet foods

Foods packaged as diet foods, ostensibly because they have reduced levels of fat, may not help with weight loss at all. This is because the food-stuff contain high levels of sugar, partly to off-set the reduction in fat.

Man kicked off Delta flight for using washroom prior to takeoff

When you gotta go, you gotta go. A Delta passenger was removed from a flight for going to the washroom while the plane was sitting on the tarmac prior to takeoff. Employees telling the man to get off the plane was filmed by fellow passengers.

United cuts overbooking, hikes compensation after passenger fiasco

United Airlines on Thursday announced it will offer bumped passengers up to $10,000 in compensation and reduce overbooking following the dragging incident on board one of its flights that caused worldwide outrage.

Op-Ed: Tea for Mom on Mothers' Day from Petaluma People Services Special

Whether it is said with a greeting card, a phone call or a dinner gathered in her honor, taking some time to express appreciation for the mom in one's life is important.

Canada - Nationwide recall of pie and tart shells due to E. Coli

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued an update for an April 12, 2017, recall warning that now includes various brands of pie and tart shells distributed nationwide due to possible contamination with E. coli 0121.

Chemicals in marijuana and chili peppers can calm inflammation

You might not think that chili peppers and marijuana have anything in common, but researchers at the University of Connecticut have discovered a new function for the chemicals found in hot peppers and pot that calm inflammation in the digestive tract.

Frozen hash browns recalled — They may have a side of golf balls

McCain Foods USA is recalling frozen hash browns in nine states because pieces of golf balls may be mixed in with the potatoes. The pieces of golf balls could present a choking hazard.

Madonna angered by unauthorized biopic

Madonna voiced anger Tuesday over news that a Hollywood studio plans an unauthorized biopic of her early years in New York struggling to break into the music business."Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen.

Artificial womb for super-preemies works with sheep

An artificial womb filled with clear liquid, successfully tested on pre-natal lambs, could help extremely premature babies avoid death or life-long disability, researchers reported Tuesday.

Dutch IVF kids seek DNA tests from late sperm bank doc

A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment demanded on Tuesday that DNA tests be done on the late head of a sperm bank who according to reports may have fathered up to 60 children.

Snow business: empty slopes at N.Korea's ski resort

On the ski fields of Mount Taehwa, groomed pistes snake down wooded hillsides to a luxurious hotel and a giant screen showing a North Korean army choir. But the runs are empty.

Pei, creator of Louvre pyramid, reaches his century

The modernist architect I. M. Pei, who was once pilloried for plonking a glass pyramid into the courtyard of the Louvre, turns 100 Wednesday with his controversial creation now an icon of the French capital.

World's first malaria vaccine tested

The world's first vaccine against the parasitic disease malaria is to be tested in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi. This represents one of the biggest trials of a developmental drug.

Syrian refugees are New York tourists for the day

After fleeing war in Syria and arriving in America with her family four months ago, for one day Mona Hafez is not a refugee. She is a tourist seeing the sights of New York."Coming to the park was really fun. Riding the subway was awesome.

With summer approaching, U.S. prepares for Zika virus assault

As we look forward to the coming of summer, many of us have forgotten the dangers that can accompany the hot weather - Like mosquitoes and the Zika virus. Health officials are already preparing for an onslaught of zika cases in our southern states.

Hospitals in the U.K. to limit sales of sugary drinks

The major retailers who operate stores in Britain's biggest hospitals have agreed to 'scale back' (but not to stop completely) the sale of sugary drinks.

S.Africa winemakers on quest for quality and prestige

Looking out at his 50-hectare (124-acre) estate in a valley nestled below the Helderberg mountains, winemaker Ken Forrester beams with pride in his achievements over 20 years in the business.

Frito-Lay: Nationwide recall of potato chips in Canada and U.S.

Frito-Lay announced on Friday it is voluntarily recalling a select variety of their jalapeno flavored potato chips due to the potential presence of Salmonella in the seasoning. This is a nationwide recall in Canada and the U.S.

Flight attendant accused of hitting passenger with baby stroller

An American Airlines flight attendant is accused of violently taking a stroller from a woman, striking her and almost hitting her baby. After confronted by a male passenger, the flight attended dared the man to hit him.

Worrying spread of parasitic worm in Hawaii

A parasitic roundworm that causes rat lungworm disease appears to be spreading on the Hawaiian island of Maui. During the past three months six people have become infected.

Want to live longer? Then cycle to work

Want to live longer? Reduce your risk of cancer? Lowe the chance of heart disease? The answer is to cycle to work, according to a new health study.

Artificial sweeteners linked to stroke and dementia risk

A new warning has been made about artificial sweeteners. A study suggests drinking a can of diet soft drink a day is linked with a three times higher risk of stroke and dementia.

Op-Ed: Marin Society of Artists host sculpture exhibit celebration Special

With 49 Sculptors and 72 pieces of sculptured art on display, The Marin Society of Artists is very pleased to present in their venue the exhibit now showing to celebrate International Sculpture Day which is on April 24.

Europe's largest wooden church restored in Poland

Europe's largest wooden church has recovered its original splendour after three years of restoration work, the coordinator of the project in southern Poland said Friday.

Champs Elysees, Paris's emblematic avenue

The Champs Elysees, scene of the fatal shooting of a police officer Thursday night, is the beating historic heart of Paris, its elegance and prestige earning it the sobriquet of "the most beautiful avenue in the world".

Tourists venture back to Champs Elysees after attack: 'Vive Paris!'

Tourists were back on the Champs Elysees early Friday with a mixture of shock and defiance, a day after a jihadist shot dead a policeman on the world-famous avenue on the eve of France's election.

500kg Egyptian sheds half her weight after India surgery

The "world's heaviest woman" has shed half her weight -- around a quarter of a tonne -- in the two months she's been in India for treatment, doctors said.

Gambia's race to save its 'Roots' on Kunta Kinteh island

As the rebel slave who defied his captors, Kunta Kinte, immortalised in print and on screen in "Roots", put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism.

Op-Ed: Petaluma Peoples Services builds a Bounty to feed families Special

The recent rains and the coming of spring have revealed the bounty of fresh produce and nature’s abundance everywhere. Petaluma People Services Center is pleased to announce the 7th Annual Petaluma Bounty Plant Sale this Sunday, April 23.

Bugs for dinner? New Aussie food trend has legs (and wings)

With a twist of lime and a dash of salt Sydney chef Nowshad Alam Rasel flavours a hot pan full of crickets, tossing them over a flaming stove.

One million Gin and Tonics for World Malaria Day

The company Fever Tree has announced it will be raising money for "Malaria No More", which is part of World Malaria Day, by donating 20 pence from its tonic water sales to the cause.

Suspected meningitis epidemic kills 745 in Nigeria

A meningitis outbreak in Nigeria has killed 745 people, an increase of more than 50 percent in barely a week, officials said Wednesday, sounding the alarm over the feared epidemic.

Italy row over 'fake news' on cervical cancer vaccine

Italy's health minister has taken the unusual step of criticising national broadcaster Rai's coverage of a vaccine against a cancer-causing virus, sparking a row about media freedom and misinformation.

'Australia first' foreign visa changes spark cheers, fears

Australia's controversial decision to scrap a visa programme for temporary foreign workers got a mixed response Wednesday, with critics slamming it as spin over substance and pandering to anti-immigration rhetoric.

'Microdosing' trend has Americans tuning in with psychedelics

After a litany of prescriptions failed to control her stormy mood swings and deep depression, writer Ayelet Waldman finally found relief in a blue vial of diluted LSD.

Severe potato chip shortage in Japan creates panic buying spree

Demand for potato chips surged this past week in Japan as the price for a bag of chips soared to six times the retail value. The exorbitant prices came about after a major snack company announced they were halting the sale of 15 popular varieties.