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A patient in a Dallas hospital who became ill a few days after returning from a trip to West Africa has been diagnosed as having contracted the Ebola virus. He is the first known infected person to arrive in this country on a regular commercial flight.

Dengue fever's frightening rise associated with climate change

Health authorities in China and Southeast Asia are warning travelers to be particularly careful when traveling to Guangdong Province in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. Dengue fever is rampant in these areas, with over 80,000 cases reported to date.

CDC confirms first U.S. Ebola case

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the first case of the Ebola virus to be diagnosed in the United States.

Op-Ed: Top 5 ways to improve cognitive functions

World Alzheimer’s Day, which was on September 21st, 2014, aims to raise awareness on Alzheimer’s and dementia by pulling together organizations from around the world.

Steroid-fattened cows spark health fears in Bangladesh on Eid

Bangladesh sent medical teams on Tuesday to check millions of cows set for slaughter due to fears they have been pumped with banned steroids for fattening ahead of the Eid holiday.

Review: Going organic in Los Boliches, Fuengirola

Right in the heart of Los Boliches in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, is a tiny restaurant selling only the healthiest vegan and vegetarian food. Even better, not only is the cuisine really good for you, but it's pretty darn tasty too.

Rare medical condition causes man to have 100 orgasms per day

A man from Wisconsin has been living a non-stop nightmare due to a medical condition that causes him to have up to 100 unwanted orgasms every single day.

Crew makes 1,126 pound popular Hawaiian Rice Dish

After making a 1,126 pound version of a popular Hawaiian dish with rice, eggs, hamburger and gravy, a group claims it established a world record in the process.

McDonald's Japan introduces squid-ink burger

The world of strange food seemingly knows no bounds. Japan is a particular hotspot for weird concoctions, so the latest probably won't come as a surprise: a squid-ink burger.

Why we don't have a cure for the common cold

Modern science has eradicated smallpox, extended life expectancy, and made huge gains in battling some of the world's deadliest diseases. So why can't we knock out the humble cold?

NASCAR: Gordon wins at Dover, championship hopes end for four

Jeff Gordon continued his “drive for five” NASCAR championships with a win on the famed “Monster Mile” on Sunday. By winning the AAA 400, Gordon is on to the Contender Round in this year's Chase for the Sprint Cup.

3D-printed medical marijuana inhaler first of its kind

With the help of 3D printing, an Israeli company has developed two pocket-sized, metered medical marijuana inhalers, one for use in hospital settings, and one for use in-home.

Health care system in collapse as Ebola death toll passes 3,000

As fast as clinics are built, they are filled up, leaving scores of the sick and dying to sit or crouch on the ground outside the gates. Ebola is turning into an insurmountable obstacle as health care workers labor day and night, fighting a losing battle.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #3: Laphroaig 10 year old Special

Medicinal, iodine, peat, smoke, seaweed. These might sound like off-putting combinations, but when crafted as Laphroaig a unique and bold whisky is created.

Maybe entomophagy will be trending in time

Entomophagy the consumption of "bugs," may become much more prevalent in the future especially to supply protein and ensure that a food supply is available for the world's growing population.

Pulling a pint at the St Albans Beer Festival Special

Every year the market city of St. Albans, in England, hosts a beer festival. Digital Journal slipped among the crowds this year to see what was on offer.

New mosquito-borne virus spreads to Central and South America

The pain associated with the Chikungunya virus can be excruciating and last for days. The disease causes a debilitating illness that can overwhelm health care facilities and cut into economic productivity. Health officials are now on high alert.

Photo Essay: World's biggest indoor rainforest Special

The Eden project in Cornwall, England contains two fascinating biomes. One of the ecological centers contains a tropical wonderland. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Ebola deaths could reach 20,000

Some startling Ebola figures have been release: the WHO predicts more than 20,000 people could be infected by November, while the U.S. CDC estimates the epidemic will strike some 500,000 people by the end of January 2015.

Eating curry may boost brain repair and ward off dementia

An ingredient used in many curry dishes and favourite Indian spice meals may boost the brain's ability to heal, according to scientists in Germany.

Brazil launches 'good mosquitoes' to fight Dengue fever

Brazilian scientists, based in Rio de Janeiro, have released thousands of mosquitoes infected with bacteria that suppress dengue fever.

Link between physical and mental health

Researchers have shown how a muscle gene associated with the metabolite kynurenine, which can cross the blood-brain barrier, relieves symptoms of depression in exercising mice.

Tapeworms infest Chinese man after eating raw fish

Imagine a man's surprise, when after going to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and itchy skin, he finds out that X-rays show his body is riddled with tapeworms. This is what happened to a man from Guangdong province, China.

Restrictions enforced on Galicia's most beautiful beach (Videos)

"Praia as Catedrais" or Beach of the Cathedrals is a Natural Monument located in Galicia, Spain. Due to its immense popularity with Spanish tourists, authorities have been forced to reduce visitor numbers to avoid degradation of the environment.

Survey: Almost 10% of Americans have gone to work high

Almost 1 in 10 Americans have shown up to work high on pot, according to a new survey, which was conducted by Mashable and SurveyMonkey.

Photo Essay: September weekend in Varazdin, ex-capital of Croatia Special

Digital Journal visits Varazdin, once the capital city of Croatia, today a charming and lively city close to the Slovenian border.

Washington's yoga community opposes 'yoga tax'

The Washington D.C. city council will be imposing a 5.75 percent sales tax on facilities that provide fitness services starting from October 1.

Almost 2 million young adults have chlamydia in U.S.

Nearly two million young adults aged 14 to 39 in the U.S. have the sexually transmitted disease (STD) chlamydia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials also report that most people don't know they are infected.

Entering Canada could be harder than you think

Post 9/11, travel restrictions have become much more stringent, making "issues" that once seemed insignificant a potential obstacle, even when traveling between the United States and Canada.

New skin patch monitors heart health

A new medical device has been developed. This “skin patch” is able to alert the wearer if they are having heart trouble.

Immune system of babies appears 'strong'

Most studies suggest that the immune system of new-born babies is weak. However, new research indicates that the baby’s immune cells may have the ability to trigger an inflammatory response to bacteria.

Op-Ed: Why we need to ban sororities

In America's discussion about the ongoing rape crisis on college campuses, the focus has recently turned to fraternities. Frat houses are being blamed for amplifying "rape culture," and Wesleyan University has decided to make its fraternities coed.

WoNoBo releases India Walking Tours app for Blackberry

A new app from WoNoBo for Blackberry offers a guided step-by-step walking tour through some of India's major cities and tourist attractions.

Op-Ed: Weaker role of men in economy is eroding marriage for millennials

A new poll suggests that up to 1/4 of Millennials will NEVER get married. Is this due to the decreasing role of men in the U.S. economy?

Annual telethon nearing for Comox Valley Child Development Centre

The 2014 Comox Valley Child Development Centre Telethon will happen Nov. 4 in Courtenay, B.C., Canada. Organizers hope to raise even more than the $77,000 from the 2013 telethon. The CVCDA assists more than 800 children and their families each year.

Introducing haggis and whiskey flavored potato chips

Not only did the citizens of Scotland rise up to proclaim their decision to remain part of the U.K., but they have apparently decided to give voice to what they want their potato chips to taste like. Their choices may surprise you.

Op-Ed: Most Americans would be concerned if spouse had bad credit

Nearly 3 of 4 Americans (73%) would be concerned if they discovered their fiancé had a bad credit rating, according to a new survey by Capital One. Additionally, a spouse's bad credit rating is more likely to concern women (80%), compared to men (66%).

Master of Wine Jo Ahearne picks 1st Hvar grapes with Andro Tomic

After moving to Croatia's premier island, Master of Wine Jo Ahearne picks her first grapes on a journey to produce quality Hvar wine.

Flu can make bacterial infections worse

New research suggests that influenza infection can result in the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae becoming more infectious, leading to a greater risk to ear and throat infections.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Op-Ed: The Red Cross — Talking with Volunteer first responders Special

Between 2012 and 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 62.2 million Americans volunteered in some way. This is one-fifth of the country's population giving approximately eight billion hours at a value of $173 billion.


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