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article image'Women's bums for target practice,' most sexist 2014 video?

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 5, 2015 in Odd News
Antwerp - Trainers at the Antwerp Football Club hit on a way to focus players’ attention on perfecting accuracy of shots. But the clip showing players shooting at models' bums has sparked outrage among feminists who say it is the most degrading video of 2014.
According to the Daily Mail, the soccer players, under the management of former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, trained to improve their shooting accuracy by targeting the bare bottoms of scantily clad women. The event was organized by the magazine Clint, with invitations to players such as Joren Dom, Derreck White and Adrian Brovina.
But the video clip showing the Royal Antwerp Football Club players taking shots at the bare bottoms of young models posted online has drawn criticism from some feminists who declared it to be the "most degrading video we've seen in 2014."
To counter expressions of disapproval from those who say the treatment of the young women was degrading, some male viewers have argued that it was the women's fault if they allowed the men to practice shots on their bums. A male viewer on the website checkhookboxing, argued that "it's consensual, then it's just a bit of fun and who cares?"
"Get a life. Consensual and grown ups! Try going and seeing a woman being stoned to death and then your 'shock/horror' would be justified," a Huffington Post UK reader exclaims.
"Oh please! The fact that these women agreed to be filmed doing this hardly makes it degrading," another says.
But critics have pointed to the looks of anxiety on the girls’ faces while awaiting the impact of the hard leather football on their behinds and contrasted it with the relaxed, smiling and laughing footballers who appear to be enjoying themselves as they line up to take aim at the women's bare bottoms. The observation, if accurate, suggests that the women, like house slaves who have to take the indignities meted out to them with a flashing white smile, are tense and their smiles are forced.
Take note, also, of the player in the video clip who smiles and laughs but whose body language, specifically the manner in which he holds a hand to his face, could arguably be construed as betraying a feeling of uneasiness and embarrassment about his involvement.
At the end of the video, we see one of the women aiming a shot at the bums of a row of players. But critics say that this is only a gimmick to cover-up the fact of the degrading treatment of the models because the accuracy and power of an untrained female model’s shot cannot be compared with that of a male professional footballer.
What do you think about the video? Is this harmless fun between participants in a consensual social activity or could it be construed as sexist and degrading of womanhood?
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