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article imageVIDEO: Tiny mongoose challenges pride of lions, wins

By Greta McClain     Sep 8, 2014 in Internet
Narok - It's not everyday you see a mongoose challenging the "King of the Beasts", but that is exactly what one videographer witnessed while filming a pride of lions in Kenya.
Jérôme Guillaumot, a wildlife photographer, was video taping a pride of lions at Kenya's Masaai Mara National Park when he observed a mongoose being confronted by four lions. The mongoose stands his ground, baring his fangs and charging towards the lions. The lions, unsure what to make of the defiant little mongoose, back away, allowing the mongoose to retreat to his burrow.
That was not the end of the fight however. The mongoose apparently decides he will not be bullied by the lions and emerges from the safety of his burrow. According to National Geographic, mongooses can reach a size of up to 11 pounds. African lions on the other hand can weigh anywhere between 265 to 420 pounds. The fact that the lions are roughly 40 times his size does not deter the mongoose. He again charges at the lions, biting at them and chasing them. The lions eventually flee the area in search of an easier, less hostile meal.
Mongooses are famous for being brave little animals who are known for attacking and killing poisonous snakes, including the deadly Cobra. Deadly snakes had apparently become boring to this little guy however, who appeared to be quite proud of ferocious demeanor.
The video was actually recorded in 2011, but was only released online last week. The video has become an overnight sensation, with more than 3 million YouTube views in less than a week. Some are saying the video should serve as a reminder to never back down in the face of a bully. One YouTube viewer may have put it best however when he, said:
"Never mess with something that doesn't break a sweat when battling a King Cobra."
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