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article imageVideo goes viral of tiny animals having a miniature BBQ

By Caroline Leopold     Jul 3, 2015 in Internet
Watch this viral YouTube video of adorable furry animals nibbling on a tiny-sized barbecue. The video recreates a July 4 cookout, except the diners are a hamster, rabbit, and hedgehog, all wearing tiny hats.
Hello Denizen released a video on its YouTube channel on Tuesday that is making furry animal lovers go wild. The video depicts the cutest cookout ever depicted onscreen, with tiny animals nibbling on tiny BBQ dishes.
The 90-second video, "Tiny Hamster's Tiny BBQ," has already garnered nearly 600,000 views and still climbing.
The breezy and fun video is well-timed for the July 4, Independence Day holiday. A spoiler free recap would be that small animals eat tiny-sized portions of popular and recognizable cookout dishes. The animals are decked out in spiffy hats.
The video will bring out the "aww" in anyone who likes furry animals the size of a tea cups like hamsters, bunny rabbits and hedgehogs.
Watch the video and see awesomely adorable animals:
Hello Denizen began posting videos last year to give people their fix of watching hamsters and other small animals do human activities.
The July-4-themed video is the eighth of the monthly series. Past videos include, "Hamster Eating Tiny Burrito" and "Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog."
The brainchild behind Hello Denizen and its videos is Denizen, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles. The company specializes in social campaigns.
Making cute, funny, and popular videos may be their way of proving they are good at what they do. The series has gained a following about about 180,000 subscribers.
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