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article imageVIDEO: Bear turns lifeguard, saves drowning crow

By Greta McClain     Aug 2, 2014 in Internet
Budapest - Its not often you see a grizzly bear appear to act out a scene from the popular television show Baywatch, but that is exactly what visitors at the Budapest Zoo witnessed recently.
In a YouTube video posted last month, Vali, a female grizzly bear at the Budapest Zoo, can be seen happily nibbling on apples and carrots and wandering around her enclosure. Suddenly, a crow flies into the enclosure and lands in the pond, becoming trapped. Vali notices the crows predicament and goes into lifeguard mode, stepping down onto a rock ledge in the pond and attempting to fish the drowning crow out of the water. Although her first attempt was not successful, Vali was persistent, following the crow and making a second attempt at rescue. Reaching her paw into the water, Vali tries to scoop the crow out of the water once again. Failing a second time, Vali finally reaches in with her teeth, grabbing onto a wing and pulling the crow to safety.
A crow stares at the bear who just saved him from drowning.
A crow stares at the bear who just saved him from drowning.
Screen Capture
Once Vali had the crow on dry land, she simply walks away and turns her focus back to the apples and carrots. The crow lays on his back for a few moments, apparently stunned at what had just occurred. The crow manages to get back to its feet and begins to stare at the massive bear, perhaps surprised that the unlikely rescuer did not attempt to have him as a snack.
The entire event was captured on video by Aleksander MedveŇ°, a visitor to the zoo. Posted last month on YouTube, the video has garnered more than 4.7 million views and 15,000 likes. According to, the video has also received 16,000 Facebook likes as well.
Officials with the zoo say Vali was simply curious and did not intend to "rescue" the bird. Intentional or not, the crow is certainly in Vali's debt.
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