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article imageVIDEO: 8-year-old boy has moves like Swayze

By Greta McClain     Oct 14, 2014 in Internet
Knoxville - A video showing an eight-year-old boy doing his best Patrick Swayze imitation while watching the final scene of the movie Dirty Dancing has gone viral.
The video, which is entitled 'Charlie vs Swayze', was first posted on Facebook on October 5th of this year. It shows eight-year-old Charlie standing in front of the television watching the the final dance scene in Dirty Dancing. Once the music begins, Charlie begins to imitate most every dance move Swayze's character makes, keeping time to the music and exhibiting phenomenal footwork. In fact, Charlie's dance moves rivals those of Swayze.
The performance was inspired by a trip to the Historic Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, TN. According to Charlie's mother, Lainie Kristina, she and her husband attended a theatrical production of the movie at the theater in August. When told they were going to see a production based on the movie Dirty Dancing, Charlie decided he wanted to watch the movie based primarily on the movie's name. Kristina went on to explain:
"Since the movie had the name ‘dancing’ in it Charlie insisted on watching it the next day."
Kristina says Charlie cannot get enough of the movie, or dancing, telling Buzzfeed:
“He has probably watched it only 10-12 times. He loves to dance and cannot sit when he is watching a music video or anything with dancing in it He immediately gets up and starts copying all of the moves.” .”
Charlie's love affair with dancing began at age three shortly after the death of Michael Jackson. Following Jackson's death, Charlie began watching music videos of Jackson and imitating the dance moves. By the time he was four, Charlie's first video appeared on YouTube. Called ‘Charlie is the Thriller’, the video shows Charlie doing the the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller. He hasn't stopped dancing since according to Kristina.
Although the first video did not go viral, this one certainly has. The video has more than 10.3 million Facebook views and 335,464 Facebook shares. It also has 246,484 YouTube views and nearly 2,000 YouTube likes.
Charlie's dancing ability comes from natural talent. According to the Facebook post, he has only had one hip hop class, which was several years ago.
Watching what this amazing eight-year-old can already do with no formal dance training, there is little doubt he will become a star with more practice and lessons. And it is almost a forgone conclusion that if there ever a remake of the 80's classic, Charlie will most likely be the new Patrick Swayze.
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