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article imageTop viral videos of 2014

By Holly L. Walters     Dec 14, 2014 in Internet
Many videos have become viral sensations, and this happens primarily because something humorous, cute or newsworthy was captured and uploaded to a video sharing service such as YouTube.
The most popular videos end up being viewed millions of times, and they get a lot of extra exposure from people sharing them via social media.
For example, many people in your extended social media network probably shared the original Grumpy Cat video, and this combined with a humorous photo created a multimillion-dollar career for the animal that now includes a movie, commercials and personal appearances.
Each year offers many new opportunities for videos to go viral, and they are enjoyed by people worldwide because they provide us with an enriching experience via laughter, tears or the accumulation of important new knowledge.
What Gives a Video the Designation of Viral?
A viral video gains its popularity by being shared on the Internet via social media, video sharing websites and email. These videos can include everything from a compilation of humorous animal encounters to social experiments that highlight serious issues such as racism and homelessness, and they can be completely unscripted or part of a marketing campaign.
Creating a video that goes viral is much more difficult than you might think. After all, YouTube alone receives an astounding 100 hours of new video every minute, but only a handful of videos will go on to be extremely popular at any given time.
Fortunately, smartphones make it possible to shoot and upload videos, and this means that the quest for the next great viral video can be undertaken by anyone. This fact is highlighted in the best viral videos of 2014.
Five of the Most Popular Viral Videos of 2014
#1: Mutant Giant Spider Dog
There are two types of videos that always seem to capture a lot of attention: those that include an animal and those that feature a prank. Therefore, combining these two factors is a brilliant approach that enabled this particular video to become the most viewed new upload of 2014. As of the middle of December, this video has almost 118 million views.
Part of the success behind the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” prank is that the video was uploaded in September in order to take advantage of the Halloween season, but its popularity is still so high three months later that it picked up an additional 5 million views between December 9 and December 14.
# 2: First Kiss
At the beginning of March, a video was posted on Vimeo and YouTube that showcased strangers kissing for the first time as part of a social experiment. This captivated viewers worldwide, and the video was quickly shared with millions of people.
Unfortunately, it was quickly revealed that the video was actually part of a marketing campaign for a clothing company called WREN. This disclosure created a lot of controversy, especially because the so-called strangers in the video were actually paid actors. However, this did not prevent First Kiss from getting more than 95 million views to date on YouTube.
# 3: Nike Football -- Winner Stays
Another prime example of the power of advertising is the extremely popular short film that Nike released online that features some of the biggest active professional soccer players in the world.
"Winner Stays" tells the story of a fake competition that pits each of the players against each other to see who can score the most points, and it includes a cameo from the Incredible Hulk. Even though this is an advertisement, the focus was not placed on Nike, and this probably helped lead to the video's more than 100 million views.
# 4: iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test
One of the biggest technology stories of the year became known as Bendgate after reports surfaced that the new iPhone 6 Plus was bending in people's pockets. Consumers were understandably concerned about these claims, and a video that proved there was a serious problem with the new phone’s design racked up more than 60 million views.
# 5: The Voice of Italy: Sister Christina Scuccia
There have been hundreds of televised auditions for talent programs during the past several years, but the unexpected appearance of a nun with an amazing set of pipes turned one audition into a viral sensation. The reaction on the faces of the four judges when they discover the identity of the singer is almost as entertaining as her voice, and it is no wonder that almost 67 million people have watched this video.
Although each of the videos on this list is still receiving regular views, their popularity will soon be dethroned by the next batch of viral uploads. 2015 is certain to bring us a diverse collection of must-see videos, and the first huge hit of the year will probably be in your Facebook news feed soon.
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