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article imageOp-Ed: Vivaldi's new version 1.12 browser worth trying

By Ken Hanly     Oct 22, 2017 in Internet
There are many good browsers available with the main ones being Firefox, Chrome, the new Edge for Windows 10 and the older Internet Explorer that Edge replaces. There is also Safari for Apple's Mac computers. All are free.
The newest version of Vivaldi does a good job of competing with these big names in browsers.
Version 1.12 has added instant access to image properties, advanced download information, and the ability to tone down a websites' colors if you wish. The additions are reviewed in this article.
Vivaldi is a relatively new browser with version 1.0 coming out in April of 2016. Jon von Tetzchner, an Icelandic businessman who was at one time closely associated with the browser Opera, is one of several important figures behind the development of Vivaldi.
Digital Journal has a recent review of Vivaldi 1.11. There is also an article on the earlier version of Vivaldi in Digital Journal in March of this year.
On my main computers I have downloaded Firefox, Chrome and Opera, also a fine browser but not as popular as the major browsers. I also downloaded Vivaldi. I was using Chrome on both of my main computers as it seems to work well on all the sites i visit and functions well, composing and copying for my blog and Digital Journal. From time to time when an issue arises I just try another browser. I have used Opera in the past and tried Vivaldi as well. However, both Opera and Vivaldi had difficulties in some situations while Chrome worked everywhere.
However, I downloaded Vivaldi 1.12 and it has performed flawlessly on every task so I have made it the default browser on one of my computers. One advantage of Vivaldi over Edge or Safari is that it is available for use on all main operating systems including Linux. While Chrome works fine there are many features of Vivaldi that I like.
Although VIvaldi is often claimed to be for power users, it is not difficult to use and can be customized to suit your particular needs. Vivaldi is based on technology used to build Google Chrome. Extensions available from Google store will work on Vivaldi.
Vivaldi is entirely open source. Tatsuki Tomita, Chief Operating Officer of Vivaldi said in an interview about the earlier version: “We’re a startup, and there’s no reason for anybody to use yet another browser if it looks the same as the others and works the same way. So, we’re focusing on users who want more out of the browsing experience.”
Right from the start there are clear choices given to you when setting up. You have your choice of many themes and colors and where you want your tabs to appear. You can always change them in the Settings menu afterwards if you don't like them or want new ones. You can do more with tabs than in any other browser even being able to stack them. There is a very helpful video that walks you through downloading and setting up Vivaldi.
The site for downloading the most recent version of Vivaldi can be found here.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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