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article imageOp-Ed: Twitter goes wild after 'meme' of Trump fiddling goes viral

By Karen Graham     Mar 9, 2020 in Internet
“Nero” trended on Twitter early Monday after a meme of President Trump playing the violin drew viral comparisons to the Roman emperor among his critics online.
We all know the story of the Roman Emporer Nero, a decadent and unpopular ruler who supposedly played his violin while Rome burned, audaciously showing he really didn't care about his people.
While it may be hard to believe, Dan Scavino, Trump's White House social media director actually posted a picture on Twitter depicting him calmly smiling as he played the violin. The meme was captioned: “My next piece is called nothing can stop what’s coming.”
Trump, much like Nero, apparently not really giving a hoot about the American public, retweeted the Scavino post, adding: “Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!” Needless to say, Twitter users jumped on the retweeted post like a duck on a June bug.
Teri Kanefield, a Twitter user writes that the phrase "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" refers to people who neglect their duties by engaging in frivolous pursuits, like golf.
Even George Conway had a say after the Scavino tweet came out, including one Twitter user who suggested that someone may have given Trump a Roman Empire history lesson (they just skipped to the burning down of Rome part). Trump's favorite character/Emperor was obviously Nero.
It just so happens that Trump's tweet couldn't have been more timely, though. With the U.S. now recording over 560 coronavirus cases and the Dow Jones Industrial Average sinking earlier today. I doubt seriously that the Trumpster know how to play a violin, but just substitute golf and you get the picture.
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