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article imageOp-Ed: Trump ‘selling’ the internet? How naive can you get?

By Paul Wallis     Jan 28, 2017 in Internet
Sydney - A report is circulating that the Trump administration wants to sell the Internet to corporate interests to control internet access. 30 years ago, that might have been possible. Now, it’s about as dumb as you can get.
According to Force, new FCC appointees will work to ensure big business runs the internet. This presumably means yet another dream world cash cow for good old “What, there was a 20th century, too?” Rich Crazy America in theory. In practice, if true it’s absurd and barely believable.
To start with, much access is already controlled by communications corporations, and they depend on it for their cash flow. Corporations, however, aren’t required for access. Anyone can get online anytime they feel like it, legally or otherwise, through ad hoc nets or any other kind of communication.
The bottom line here is that the internet is made of technologies which are freely available worldwide. Regardless of ownership, those technologies are now mainstream communications, used globally. Software, coding, you name it, you can create an internet network yourself with minimal knowledge and training. Add wireless technologies, and you don’t need much infrastructure, either.
The net was designed to survive a nuclear war as a form of communication. To put this original idea in to perspective, it can barely survive the cyber-attacks and data loads it gets these days. It’s more likely that the internet will simply evolve itself out of its current modes in to a Cloud-like multi-tier communication system, because that’s what it needs to be.
The other likely scenario is that the ultra-sensitive Trump administration, which has reacted badly (and ineptly) to all criticisms in just one week, may define “access” to be like terrorism. Again, the naivete flows in rivers. The Trump administration and its cronies can think themselves very lucky they haven’t been subjected to any real trouble from the net.
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Any attempt to “control” will open the floodgates to denial of service attacks, malware, ransomware, etc. Imagine the possibilities of serious attacks on all the Facebook heroes, fake news vendors, and other enchanting creatures of the new Washington fairy tale by real, competent, hackers. They’re not “controllable”. The internet guerrillas can make Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan look like a daisy-chain making exercise in terms of possible damage.
More seriously - Sooner or later, attacks will happen, like night following day. Let’s clarify the situation for the ultra-fools who seem to think they’re secure:
It’s not a question of if your security can be penetrated, but when.
Attacks by botnets can be staged on a continuous basis with no respite, and are very expensive to manage.
Anyone, including family and associates, can be targeted.
Any business can be hit with anything, at any time.
There is no known limit to the amount of damage which can be done.
A few lines of code can cost you, personally, billions.
Many of the current incumbents and likely targets if corporations get too greedy are very rich people. Many of the attackers won’t be internet saints or altruists; they’ll be opportunists and they’re also very greedy. You might catch one in a hundred hackers; out of tens of millions, that’s not likely to solve the problems.
The very rich should know a hell of a lot better than to attract this kind of hostile attention and make sitting ducks out of themselves, their businesses and their associates. That is dumb beyond description. Keep your mouths shut for once in your smug little lives, and recognize something you can’t handle. Don’t even think about it.
Learn something for once, O great and mighty merchants of muck – The real internet isn’t about your quaint little psycho-twaddle on Twitter or Facebook for the rabid rednecks and halfwit hicks. The heavy duty/ high yield weaponry side of the net is a snake pit, and these very poisonous snakes bite regularly.
There’s no shortage of targets for collateral damage, either. The paid crap-vendors on social media and some standout sites are unbelievably lucky they haven’t yet been targeted, but they will be, particularly if this info-war continues long enough.
So – Got a clue, now?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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