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article imageOp-Ed: Subreddit on beating women shut down

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 11, 2014 in Internet
Most of our readers and Digital Journalists would not stomach a site that advocates violence against women. Unfortunately one sub-sector of the site Reddit approved of and applauded violence against women until a recent shutdown.
Those involved with the subreddit known as r/beatingwomen were known not only for pushing the boundaries of good taste but stomping on them. The sub-site included pictures of women being violently beaten and a cast of readers who also posted underage girls and stalker shots on other parts of the site. Overall the banning of the subreddit was met with massive approval across the site and web.
These were allowed to exist for quite a while until they were brought to media attention. The outcry against Reddit was significant and it led to a large number of users being banned. While they banned quite a lot of users and clones of it they could not get everyone due to proxies and the nature of the site.
While the root of the problem is gone many of those who created it are still around promoting misogyny. We have already seen copycats of that section of the site spring up and most likely will continue to unless they add more restrictions to posting, something even those who hated r/beatingwomen might be opposed to.
The advantage of a site like Reddit or even Digital Journal is that people of all stripes can create content. The downside of a site like Reddit or even Digital Journal is woman-hating and woman-beating people can post content. It was only shut down after posters started gathering personal information on people and threatening some of them based on it. This is a process known as "doxing" that happens quite a bit on forums.
Having content like this is the price of free speech. That being said when content turns in a violent direction we should restrict it. We already restrict the right of one person to injure or kill another and that is worth giving up. So when content can not only make violence possible but likely we need to take a look at it. Tell me what you think about this topic.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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