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article imageOp-Ed: Statue of Trump is a real 'Golden Calf' of biblical proportions

By Karen Graham     Feb 26, 2021 in Internet
Twitter users have reacted with mockery after a video emerged showing a golden statue of Donald Trump being wheeled around at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.
As one Twitter user commented, "That cartoon has finally become *literally* true," And when I saw the video on my news feed, I sort of thought the same thing. But it all comes down to hero-worship or in this case, the idolizing of false gods and the golden calf Moses destroyed in the Old Testament.
The video clip was filmed by Bloomberg reporter William Turton and shows two men pushing the statue of the former president, who is wearing a suit jacket with tie, stars and stripe boxing shorts, and red sandals. It has been viewed more than four million times since it was uploaded on Thursday night.
One thing the grotesque statue isn't is Rocky Balboa, and we have seen in the past where Trump tweeted himself as the famous movie idol. But believe it or not, the crowd gathered to watch the idol being rolled into the lobby were cooing and nearly groveling in their reverence.
And that is one thing that stood out - the idol worship. And this is what got Twitter-users up in arms, and rightly so. Trump, who at one time lamented that Jesus Christ was more popular than he was, is probably so taken by the adoration of his portly figure that his baseball cap won't fit on his head anymore.
But Twitter users heavily ridiculed the statue online, with many making biblical references to idolizing false gods and the golden calf Moses destroys in the Old Testament.
And many others made a point of saying it's pretty obvious the GOP is not in any hurry to shed itself of Trump's powerful influence over them.
Political commentator and television host Joy Reid tweeted: "As many people have noted in the replies, it appears the conservative 'Christians' of the Trumpian right have gone all-in on worshipping their golden calf."
Actor Josh Jordan wrote: "A golden statue of Trump is as good a summary of CPAC as one could possibly make. And national security attorney Bradley P. Moss tweeted, "Seriously, did these folks not read the Old Testament?"
Then there's the tweet letting us know who is sponsoring CPAC this year.
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