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article imageOp-Ed: Finding your way through SEO in 2014

By Milton Este     Jul 14, 2014 in Internet
It is about half way through 2014 and Google has been slapping all the SEO abusers with its Penguin update 3.0, which actually is the 6th update.
Everyone started abusing the back links to increase their ranks. Unnatural links started flooding in and eventually got slapped by the first Penguin update. Ever since then, Google has been optimizing its algorithms to rank web pages solely based on the quality of the content. There are great content producers who never got recognition before because they didn’t spend their time building unnatural links. A few helpful tips should help you get through 2014 and may be give you an insight of where Google is intending to head in future.
Content: High-quality content is highly appreciated by Google. If you do not have unique, well-written content then you got no chance of getting ranked up. You are not even required to build back links because social media has become too powerful and people would instantly share your work if it is worth sharing.
Build your authority: Google’s shift from considering backlinks has rendered back linking to be a time waste. All that you get from back links is short term recognition and ranking on SERP, but it withers away with time. Instead of that, why not do something that would keep you on top for a long time. Brand building or Authority building is the answer. Now, how do you do this? By creating niche specific unique content, building audience, inter-linking with blogs in your niche and spreading your legs on social media. Guest posting is still a great way to spread your arms in the niche, but make sure that you are not over-doing it. When you start building your authority on the niche, Google begins to recognize you and automatically your web pages would get ranked on the SERP. This is not an overnight process. It takes several weeks or even several months, but all this effort is definitely worth it. If you really want to go the link building route, then make sure you have high-quality directories that you are making use of such as DirJournal or DirJournal Local. Do not settle for cheap directories which are easily misused by many.
Synonym ranking: Just a couple of years ago, Google didn’t not understand synonyms. Synonymous words for humans were still distinct to unrelated to Google. Over past several updates, the little baby seems to have gotten intelligent enough to understand synonyms. If you are not exploiting this huge opportunity then you are missing out a lot! You need not write the same keyword hundred times anymore, instead rank your website for synonymous keywords as well. E.g. Electronic components, electronic parts, electronic equipment, etc.
Make sure to keep in mind these 3 important things to survive on the internet in future.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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