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article imageOp-Ed: Amazon Twitter army of sycophants? Not likely, but…?

By Paul Wallis     Aug 25, 2018 in Internet
New York - There’s an odd group of Twitter Amazon sycophants, posting very standardized good things about Amazon on the global birdbrain. Real or not? Looks more like a work to me, a real deliberate screwup.
The theory of “Golly gee gosh aren’t we wonderful” Tweeting by Amazon FC Ambassadors (Amazon Fulfillment Center Ambassadors ) covered maniacally in just about every news site on Earth has a LOT of holes in it. Exploded long ago as a social media tactic, endless praise simply delivers skepticism in vast amounts online. Like testimonials from the guy in the washing machine in direct marketing, credibility is never going to happen.
So the idea that Bezos, of all people on Earth, would be spruiking some sort of whiter and brighter PR routine to his own core market is more than a little hard to believe. This is the guy that created arguably one of the world’s most practical trading methods of all time. He’s suddenly become stupid, superficial and as ineffectual as this? He does business, not charades.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else at Amazon is doing it, and doing it this badly. In the infinitely grovelling, infinitely snivelling world of American executive delusions, some enchanted sycophancy is normal. “Hey, boss, look at all the good things our employees are saying about us!”
Well, sparkle, sparkle. As a PR own goal, this is well within ballpark for half-ass executive initiatives. Bezos is known to be highly sensitive to the truly vitriolic criticism of Amazon workplace conditions, with good reason. It was a PR disaster. So if some un-arrested Boy Scout/Twinkie of a middle manager comes up with something like this, as a PR fix, it’s pretty normal, if incredibly stupid. Nothing like ingratiation to really get your career moving, you genius, you.
Would a group of Amazon or any other company’s employees suddenly leap fearlessly to the defence of their employer, a year or so after a PR problem? (Actually, it's three years ago that I covered the original issue- Pretty constipated response, isn't it?) Not if they can read calendars, and know what year it is. This is a very old issue, if still with a rather rancid smell attached to it. It’s highly debatable whether any group of employees would suddenly have the same idea and spontaneously post all this adoration in the same formats on Twitter, too, to put it mildly.
It could only have the exact opposite effect in the market, though. The thing about good news is that hardly anyone believes it any more. The market sure as flying options doesn’t believe these feelgood things, on principle, unless there’s money in it. In this case, there isn’t. It’s way too indirect to affect stock prices, sales, or anything else.
So – Bezos not guilty, some management ornament guilty? Not necessarily. It’s pretty damn easy for someone else to do things like this, or at least make them happen within Amazon. If you wanted to make Amazon look foolish, this would be how. It’s still a bit of a touchy-feely bitchy thing to do, but some of the mud IS sticking.
Looks more like a set up than anything, in any case. If it is Amazon made and screwed, my advice would be to get less senile, or at least living, PR people. If not Amazon, we have a little mystery – Who on Earth has the reach to get Amazon PR doing such dumb things?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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