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article imageOp-Ed: 4Chan user naked Emma Watson pics threat hoax by media co morons

By Paul Wallis     Sep 25, 2014 in Internet
New York - A user on 4Chan, a sorry excuse for a troll social site, has threatened to release nude pictures of Emma Watson after her recent feminist speeches. Watson, apparently, is one of many stars to be demeaned in this way.
According to Daily Life:
But as well as world leaders, her talk captured the attention of online trolls. Angry users of the 4Chan website described her speech as "stupid" and called her a "feminist bitch".
Now one 4Chan user is threatening to leak nude photos of the 24-year-old.
This is news because it's such a good example of anti-feminism, not because some site full of retards thinks they're clever or because celebrities need protection. 4Chan isn’t even what you’d call top of the line crap. The user is obviously not exactly Mensa material, either. The not very funny joke is that there are a lot of fake nudes online, many of the very popular Watson included. Lousy Photoshopping isn’t that uncommon, and it’s unlikely this threat, even if carried out, will make much of an unusual splash in the dark sewers of the Internet.
Open to question, however, is exactly where 4Chan claims to have got these pics. Is 4Chan saying it’s been hacking Watson’s phone, or what? 4Chan is like a no-class, illiterate Reddit, where anti-women jokes are cool and the Flintstones hold group therapy sessions. It’s a 90s- early 00s site which doesn’t know it’s extinct.
If you search "4Chan images," you get primary school humor, for the dumb kids. One of the jokes is how to get a woman — with a baseball bat. Classy, not. 4Chan has also leaked pics of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, not exactly hard to find online or anywhere else if anyone could be bothered looking, which most can’t.
(Interestingly, pics were uploaded to Reddit boards at the same time as 4Chan, maybe Reddit’s cockroach baits have expired, or something.)
...But enough of this easy chatter. The bottom line here is that this is breach of privacy, it’s illegal, and it’s damageable, like big money damageable. 4Chan is a party, if it releases pics like these. Never mind disclaimers and “hold harmless”, let the court sort it out. If these annoyed ladies would like to pick up a phone and send this troll-wank of a site broke, that’s all they need to do. One peasant site less on the net is no loss.
That was the original story. This is the new angle, and it's not a lot better:
Publicity hoax? Who needed a hoax?
Update: The threat has another dimension. It seems that there was a hoax created by a publicity company: From Sydney Morning Herald: says that something called " a social media marketing group," usually meaning drunks in suits with nothing better to do, has this to say:
"We have been hired by celebrity publicists to bring this disgusting issue to attention.
"The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks in past 2 months have been an invasion of privacy and is also clear indication that the internet NEEDS to be censored.
"Every Facebook like, share & Twitter mention will count as a social signature - and will be step closer to shutting down"
No, chicken brains, it's nauseating idiots who need to be shut down, not the internet "needing" to be censored. You've got no hope of doing that, as anyone in publicity should know. You really think you're going to chop down the net's massive supply of porn, etc? You want an Internet where anyone has the right to censor anything they don't like? Drive it underground, like the pedophile sites? Let them come out in the open and get slaughtered, fools. You didn't need to do this stunt. The proof is there, hit them with it and see what happens, and try not to tell a court how to do its job, while you're at it.
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