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article image'No trees in space' — Ridicule for Space Force camo uniform

By Karen Graham     Jan 19, 2020 in Internet
It's time for our weekly chuckle, and today, social media is having fun with the Space Force's new name tapes, which attach to the uniform. The newest branch of the U.S. military displayed the name tape on a camo uniform to the delight of Twitter users.
A photo of the uniform posted on the Space Force Twitter account showed that it has the same kind of woodland camouflage pattern as the Army and Air Force uniforms. Of course, everyone wanted to know why the camo is needed in space.
Actually, the new name tapes are going on the same camo uniforms as a cost-saving measure, reports CTV News Canada. A follow-up tweet from the Space Force explains: "USSF is utilizing current Army/Air Force uniforms, saving costs of designing/producing a new one. Members will look like their joint counterparts they’ll be working with, on the ground."
But the world needs a few laughs, and Twitter users had fun with this issue. Besides the serious questions - such as, "Why wear a camouflage uniform in space?" - other Twitter users thought it was a waste of money. One Twitter user tweeted: “Camo in Space? WTF? More wasted tax dollars.”
The Space Force Twitter account also replied to someone who wondered why camo was needed in space by saying that it was all about “working with joint partners” and “hence utilizing their uniform.”
The only thing wrong with wearing the same uniform as your counterparts on Earth would be the fact that space doesn't have any trees floating around. Then again, camo would come in handy if the Space Force was fighting on Endor, the home of the Ewoks.
Many Twitter users were surprised to know there were forests in space, with many people under the assumption that space was black as night. However, one man did point out that the camo uniform would be ideal for fighting aliens here on Earth.
Other Twitter users thought the new branch of the military needed to be more creative, especially with all the inspiration we have from the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and other great space movies.
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